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Your Guide to the Hottest Technology Startups of 2018

2018 Startups Are on Fire! The technology sector, (Technology Startups) more than any other, brings new and exciting opportunities to invest in startup companies each and every year. Whether a brand new idea being brought to investment by veteran executives of other companies who quit the old job to start on the new to small teams of talented professionals putting together a potentially game-changing product to get their initial funding, opportunities absolutely abound in the tech startup world. That being said, some startups are better and safer opportunities than other so it’s time to take a deeper look into this year’s offerings to see where the hottest technology startups of 2018 are. Alongside technology startups of 2018, there is a food thickener that is called Simply Thick that is making big waves.

Duo Security Emerging in a Critical Field

There’s no question that security concerns have become a massive issue in recent months and years especially as there are more and more news stories continue to break about major security breaches, loss of information, and other similar issues that are going to really concern companies and individuals both. The old image of security meaning two large men in black suits and shades is obsolete in most places. The real security is needed in the world of data and with $121 million of funding, Duo Security focuses heavily on cybersecurity, making it easy to use but incredibly effective.

Coca Cola’s Startup Bridge

Founded by Jon Oberheid and Dug Song, Duo Security focuses on specializing in business networks and they have created a simple but effective 2-factor authentication app for internal company networks, managing passwords, and scanning all connecting devices for viruses. This is a large amount of online security and comes as a strong need for increased security as online threats are becoming more numerous, more common, and more advanced.

Duo isn’t completely new, but they don’t have nearly as much attention as they deserve. After doubling revenue each of the last four years, it’s time to get on board with the outstanding investment opportunity that Duo Security offers.

Gigster: The New Giant in Gig Work?

There’s a long list of online sites over 10 years old that have encouraged freelance work or gig work, and there’s no denying strong movement towards the gig economy as the continuing effectiveness of Fivver has proven. That being said, both freelance workers, as well as employers using freelancers, have long complained that despite so many options it seems like both sides are unsatisfied with what is available and the quality of offerings or work. Why can’t there be a high skills high paying version of these sites?

This is exactly where Gigster comes in. Acting as a rock solid marketplace for programmers, designers, or product managers who have exceptional skills and talent, this San Francisco based startup has already raised over $32 million in four rounds of fund raising and is gaining steam as many companies are realizing how much more valuable it is to pay high freelance wages for skilled work right off that bat and opens up the opportunity for truly skilled professionals to make comparable salaries to big time in-house programming jobs, all from the comfort of their own home, in areas where rent or mortgages are much more reasonable.

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Tilr Is a Company of the Times

If you haven’t heard of Tilr, you are far from alone. Tilr is an example of one of the few companies that has jumped on early to understanding the attitudes and thoughts of the buying public as they shift as well as changing needs of companies in response. What does this mean? It means that Tilr has seen the power of a truly good algorithm and has the ability to match job openings companies have with the best candidate and remove the implicit bias that often comes with professional hiring. Lead by CEO Carisa Miklusak, the algorithm doesn’t work on titles and keywords that all too many modern programs do, but it matches up actual skills, job requirements, and harder to measure areas like general tech knowledge, ability to learn or teach, and adaptability to make sure the right person or people are matched up with a job regardless of details that have been proven to be problems in the hiring market via implicit bias like race, gender, age, appearance, or issues like having a bad day or being judgmental before lunch but not after (a real life bias that has cost companies the best candidates in some cases).

This is a company that allows companies to truly bring in the best test talent for the position, encouraging diversity since skill sets and ability will trump all else in the matching algorithm. As many companies have found out, diversity leads to better creativity and ideas, while poor hires cost companies dearly. Diversity is something many of the most talented young workers are looking for, and many young consumers are making decisions based on these factors when looking at a company. In the present and the future diversity will make money. The market is great because companies always need to hire and people need jobs. Wildly successful in their first four markets, Tilr is moving into many more in 2018 and expanding even beyond that with further plans to help create a solid healthcare system for workers in the gig economy. Tilr is a hot up and coming tech company.

A Wonderful Time to Invest in Tech Startups

While there are tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, of people who mourn the chance they had to invest in Google, Facebook, or Amazon when those stocks were low and affordable, those companies are long past the point of ever dipping down to that level again. Technology Startups Are Happening Every Day!  That doesn’t mean the opportunity to make it big off of tech is gone. Quite the opposite. As tech continues to be the one field that expands and grows and touches virtually every other industry on the planet, the myriad of opportunities continues to expand at an incredible rate and often in ways that people can barely imagine until it happens.

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Keeping an open mind to the tech opportunities out there will help intelligent investors stay on top of ever-changing tech industry opportunities and get in early on the types of startups that will prove to be the technology heavyweights of the future!

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