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How Augmented Reality Can Assist In Influencer Marketing

Today, marketers are in constant touch with new mobile technologies to the extent that the next innovation can be implemented just like the previous ones. Semantic search technology, voice search and augmented reality are helping the users to find answers to their problems quickly and easily. 

Nevertheless, augmented reality is not like the previous technology despite the fact it has been used by marketers to achieve the same marketing objectives. 

The technology introduces a digital overlay to the physical environment, and it has already started to change how individuals shop online and engage with the brands. AR has the power to completely revolutionize retail industries like CBD oil and apparel.

Marketers are trying all means to find more intuitive ways to use augmented reality to their advantage. However, the technology is shifting its focus into the mainstream media faster than most marketers should realize. 

Nevertheless, organizations that use social media as a marketing tool have an advantage in that augmented reality appears to be extending from the pre-existing social platforms. As such, the following are some of the ways that augmented reality can assist in influencer marketing.

  • Lie activations
  • Interactive prints
  • Augmented commerce
  • Measurable analytics for business growth
  • Customer interaction and brand recognition 

Live Activations

The use of augmented reality in online retail is soon becoming a stand-alone and live activation. 

The technology has been able to merge the digital experience with physically branded entertainment and in-store retail products, which drives sales and engagement. 

Hence, like Snapchat, the live activations that leverages augmented reality are useful in the sense that they have the ability to be incorporated in entertainment. 

Consequently, branded augmented reality experiences have been approached in various ways. For instance, augmented customers have enabled posters that are scanned to enable consumers to take pictures. 

Therefore, marketers who are forward thinkers are very keen on innovation; hence the technology can assist in growing sales and influence businesses when applied in the right way and capacity. 

Interactive Prints

Marketers have realized the benefit of using an augmented reality by making it possible to layer the interactive digital components that atop a real life environment. 

Therefore, the interactions with the augmented trackers make it possible to be addicted to customers, which will use it repeatedly. 

Besides, the technology can also make it possible for brands to get easily linked to the interactive campaigns to a website; hence directing the customer to the purchase. 

Further, the interactive campaigns are mainly designed to respond to the user interactions and add more depth to their experiences. The other potential benefit is the fact that it brings the prints to life and enables the media to create an experience, which was initially 2D. 

Augmented Commerce

Augmented reality enables shoppers to conduct their shopping at the comfort of their homes without necessarily moving to a retail outlet or shopping mall. 

Therefore, augmented reality is set to engage millennial shoppers by providing them with an opportunity to see virtual products in their physical locations before they make up their minds to purchase. 

Therefore, shoppers will have an advantage to virtually try and experience the products, which they are looking to purchase. 

As such, augmented reality is an important innovation that will enable shoppers to be more captivating without hesitating as a result of uncertainty. 

Notably, augmented reality has proved to be very instrumental, particularly in creating an interactive shopping environment between customers and marketers. 

Additionally, the technology will create an emotional relationship between product demand and the shoppers’ desires. 

Measurable Analytics For Business Growth

The other potential benefit of the augmented reality is the fact that it assists in analyzing the success of the marketing materials as well as customer interactions. 

Hence, this is important for marketers because it can greatly scale the business and continue to increase the profits. 

Therefore, augmented reality is very effective in marketing because it enables users to drive engagement and interactions with products. 

Hence, whether an organization implement augmented reality to display products to the shoppers before deciding to purchase, the shoppers will have an opportunity to adjust their decisions and experience the technology after the first touch point. 

As such, augmented reality is considered to be the next innovation in marketing that will comprise of engaging campaigns, which will leverage augmented reality. 

Customer Interaction And Brand Recognition

Through augmented technology, interactive media enables businesses to expand their marketing experience through brand recognition coupled with customer loyalty. 

When marketers offer their customers with a personal virtual experience, they will quickly recall the business deals, especially when they offer customer value. 


Augmented reality is an important software solution developed to assist businesses in integrating their physical and visual experiences. Therefore, the innovating will assist marketers and many brands with their marketing initiatives. 

The effects will be achieved through business-to-business purposes and end customers. 

Besides, the innovation has supported shoppers to launch both interactive print campaigns as well as client trackers, which allows for the integration of the technology throughout the shopping experience.