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Latest Encryption Software Sets Industry Standard For Security, Functionality

Encryption software has long been at the very forefront of the battle against cyber crime. As cyber criminals evolve more complex strategies and a wider range of software tools for carrying out their destructive activities, encryption providers must evolve to meet the latest threats. The good news is that cutting-edge software options like ChatMail Secure are setting new benchmarks for sophisticated encryption options that can keep users safe while enhancing usability.

Secure messaging has long played a vital role in reducing the risk of cybercrime. Vast amounts of information are shared every day that contain potentially compromising information, and whether it is something as innocuous as a password shared through a private email account or something as serious as company financial documents, cyber criminals who access this information can use it to sometimes devastating effect. Encryption is the only guaranteed way to create a secure messaging platformfor businesses and organizations to use internally and externally, which is why developments in encryption services and technology are playing an essential role in fending off cyber attacks of all kinds.

While one can also opt for add-on encryption tools such as a VPN service but in order to offer the best possible protections, encryption providers have usually needed to drastically reduce the functionality of encrypted devices. While this has allowed a greater degree of security than would otherwise be possible, it has also meant that customers who might otherwise consider making encrypted devices a regular part of their internal communications strategy have adopted less secure but more user-friendly options. ChatMailSecure’s new encryption software was specifically designed to respond to the need for secure, encrypted devices that mirror the functionality of standard smartphones, including the capacity for group chat, voice messaging, and image messaging.

ChatMail uses the ChatMail Advanced Messaging and Parsing Protocol (CAMP), an innovative software system that utilizes both standard PGP encryption and Elliptical Curve Cryptography to provide the most advanced encryption software currently available. Importantly, these two types of encryption are integrated into a single interface, which means users never have to leave ChatMail — the software distinguishes between internal contacts who are also operating CAMP and external contacts using regular PGP encryption, and the device defaults to whichever option provides the greatest security.

In addition to increased functionality, ChatMail also offers state-of-the-art encryption protections. No servers are used to store information, and messages automatically destruct after a set period of time, so there is no risk that confidential information will be lost in a data breach.

Earlier this year, the World Economic Forum announced that cyber crime is now ranked as one of the most serious threats facing the world, alongside environmental disasters and large-scale involuntary migration. In order to stay ahead of new dangers posed by evolving strains of malware and spyware, and the increasingly complex methods of hackers and other cyber criminals, businesses, organizations, and individuals need to adopt the most cutting edge security tools on the market. With advanced software options like ChatMail, it is now possible to have access to next-generation encryption while maintaining a level of functionality hitherto unimaginable in an encrypted device.