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7 Robots That Will Make Your Life Easier

Back in early 2000’s talking about robots was limited to sci-fi movies or laboratories only. The idea that one-day robots could help humans to perform their daily routine tasks seemed fascinating yet impossible to achieve. However, over the past few years, technology and creativity have changed the dimensions of our vision completely.

Although, we still haven’t succeeded with the idea of pet robots that bring us tea or popcorns every time we click a finger, the advances in science and technology have made many similar things possible. The robotic technology is now expanding beyond fictional movies and test labs. And that is the reason why robots have taken steps out of the labs and into our homes.

It is high time to wrap your head around the fact that you can own a personal robot that can make your life much easier and less stressful. But that does not mean that you have to spend thousands of dollars for possessing one of these magnificent inventions, you can now own a robot and that even at very reasonable prices based on what you are looking for.

If you are planning on buying a robot to make your life easier, then there is a variety of list to choose from, and you do not to spend your money on a fancy robot that you never wanted at the first place. So, here we present you a list of some of the finest robots that will change your life in no time!

ILIFE X5 Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

We all need robots that can make cleaning not just easier but fun as well. But can a robot clean the floor without crashing into your expensive furniture? Well, yes. ILIFE X5 Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner has revolutionized the old cleaning methods.

This robot has the all the features of a regular vacuum cleaner, but the only difference is you do not have to drag it around the floors. It comes with various cleaning modes that can cover up to 180 square centimeters of the area and that with a less than 40dB low noise, clearly better than your conventional vacuum cleaner. ILIFE X5 Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is loaded with an Anti-collision System Sensor that helps to prevent any collision to your furniture. Also, you can use it on various surfaces including cement, carpets, tiles, etc. It is an all in one cleaning device that is not only energy efficient but undoubtedly a big help for your house chores.

A must-buy for every busy householder!

Robomow RS

One thing that takes forever is mowing the lawn. It not only takes a lot of effort but also you need to spend a decent amount of time to get the whole yard in shape. But as mentioned earlier, technology is here to save the day for you.

Robomow RS is a robot that will change the way you have been mowing your lawn. Robomow provides you the best results due to its sharpen razor blades that delivers a fine cut every time it moves. The extra maneuverability covers every inch of the lawn without you doing anything.

All you have to do is fix the time of back and forth rotation so that it reaches to every corner and does not miss anything. The small size makes it efficient and an ideal lawn mower.

Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaners

If you are looking for a robot that will help you clean your pool, then put your search to rest as Dolphin robotic pool cleaners are here to the rescue. Cleaning the pool is one of the most hectic things to do be it a small house pool or a large resort pool, cleaning it can take forever. But not if you have the right robot to do it.

Known for their excellent products, Maytronics have created a series of robotic pool cleaners that transform the way you have been cleaning pools. You can choose from residential, commercial and natural robots for cleaning your pools accordingly.

The robot uses advanced technology that vacuums and scrubs the pool surface in less than 3 hours and the filters remove every tiny dirt particle that is impossible to clean manually. The swivel cable avoids any tangling, and it does not need to be connected to the pool system. Along with being super quick, this pool cleaning robot is also very energy efficient as it costs less than 15 cents per use.

Now you know how to clean your pool before your pool party!


Technology is taking over everything even the way you used to put your babies to sleep. Gone are the days where you would roam around the house all night carrying your little one so that he could fall asleep. Now all you have to do is buy a rockaRoo that will do the job for you.

As the name says, rockaRoo is like a rocking chair that elevates the rocking sensation for the baby, which makes him fall asleep. This smart robot tracks the seat position and the weight of your little one a hundred times per second. After that rockaRoo recreates the rocking sensation that makes the baby fall asleep. It focuses on the head, which makes it even more useful.

Along with being incredibly functional, rockaRoo is designed in a way that it takes a minimal amount of space in the room, unlike the traditional swings that cover almost the entire room. It comes MP# and mobile connecting features, which makes it the ultimate choice for your baby.

Kuri Home Robot

Having a virtual assistant is something you all have dreamt of, and now the innovation of science and technology has made that possible for you. Kuri home robot has been stealing a lot of attention since it’s released not only because of its cute looks but because of its incredible features and functions too.

Kuri is an all in one home robot that works as you digital assistance, virtual companion and a part mobile entertainment too. From giving you weather updates to playing music and even dancing on it there is nothing that this beautiful robot cannot do.

Its smart technology helps it to detect hurdles like staircases and furniture; therefore, it does not bump into anything. It can also record candid videos and recognize your face when you return home. So, if you are looking for an all I one home robot, then Kuri is your ultimate solution.

You can book your orders now, and you can have your home robot by spring 2018. Hurry up!

Riley Wi-Fi Home Monitoring Robot

Every time you leave your house, there is a constant worry in your head regarding the home security. If you think you are not ready to compromise on your home’s safety when you are away, then Riley can fix this problem for you.

Riley is a home monitoring robot that tracks every inch of your house in your absence. Once connected to your home Wi-Fi, Riley transmits live HD videos and audios to you no matter where you are. All you have to do is download the app and let Riley take care of the rest.

It comes with many features that include night vision and motion detectors, which make it extremely reliable and functional despite any condition. Riley comes with strong tracks that are suitable for all surfaces. It also comes come to an automatic recharging feature, which lets it charge itself every time it runs low on battery.

This smart robot is ideal for anyone who travels a lot or has kids or pet back home. It ensures the security of your home and helps you to spend your day without worrying about anything.

Teal High-Speed Drone

Drones have been stealing all the attention these days. Some obsess over them due to their propellers while others are just blown by the pictures that these small robots can take. But now people have introduced more creativity. They buy drones to race them as the latest drone technology comes with a lightning-fast speed that will blow your mind. Talking about speed, one drone that has simply topped the list is Teal high-speed drone.

This incredible drone can fly at 85 MPH faster than any other consumer drone in the market. But its features are not only limited to its speed because this robot can do a lot more than just racing. It comes with a 13-megapixel camera with wide-angles that captures 4K videos at a fantastic speed. Teal also comes with a range of modes including, follow me modes and easy controls from the mobile apps. Unlike any other drone, it can stay stable in 40mph winds without any trouble.

All this comes in a small size as Teal is only 10 inches long on the diagonal and weighs just 1.6 pounds. It is made from one of the finest carbon-infused, injection-molded plastic that makes it extremely durable and gives it the speed it is known for.

It is an all in one drone that races capture pictures and videos and follows you around. It is a must buy for all those drone fans who do not know what to look for in a drone as Teal has everything already.

These are some of our favorite and most useful household and outdoor use robots. If you want to know more about such robots, stay tuned.