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Should I Buy a Microsoft Software Key Online?

Buying keys for software online can always seem risky, but Microsoft has a solution to people getting scammed. The Microsoft Certified Partner label, which is part of the Microsoft Partner Network program, allows companies to get verified through exact and careful testing, making them much more trustworthy as a result. But should you still buy from them? How much does this stamp of approval actually mean when you’re looking into getting some new product keys?

Microsoft Certified Partners

Windows certified partners are companies that are trusted to use and work with Microsoft’s products as a partner, getting benefits in return for actively supporting Microsoft’s work. This means that they’ve not only been checked and approved by the company but also have a stable working relationship. Even at a basic level, Microsoft offers them full support and a range of additional products or services that other businesses can’t access.

While this might not seem like much, it shows that the company is trusted. It also means that they’re able to get direct support from Microsoft concerning their products: if you bought a copy of Windows or some Microsoft software from them, and something went wrong, they would be able to contact somebody within the company.

Microsoft Gold Certified Partners

Microsoft Gold Certified Partners are more advanced partners that get free access to a wide range of other features and are much more connected to Microsoft. These partners are companies that work almost entirely around Microsoft’s technology (mostly Windows). They are usually far more trusted with innovative services or other items that might not be available to standard companies yet.

These companies are very likely to be internal ones that work with Microsoft, but they might also have customer-facing services and online storefronts. 

Microsoft Certified Training Partner

Training partners are partnered companies that focus on training, usually in an IT field, that has been approved by Microsoft. This means that they can offer Microsoft software training at various levels with the full blessing of the head company itself. You’re not likely to buy things from these, but they might still sell Office and Windows keys or other digital downloads of specific resources.

Are They Safe?

Any company that Microsoft has given its blessing to is almost guaranteed to be safe, considering that it regularly checks over its partners to ensure that everything is running smoothly. If a partner suddenly started to scam customers, they would be out of the program quickly, likely fined, or even forced into a legal case.

Because of how the system works, not any company can be part of the program. They have to pass exams and exist for a certain time before they can be approved, meaning that new start-up companies can’t bluff their way into becoming a Microsoft Certified Partner. As you can expect, this means that they’re entirely safe to buy from, and might even offer better customer service or faster download hosting servers than Microsoft does depending on where you live.

Should I buy product keys from them?

Unlike product key re-sellers, who have to scrounge up keys from wherever they can find them, Microsoft Certified Partners can give you a Windows product key from the source. Gold partners are even more likely to give them away at discounted prices or in bundles (if they’re allowed) since they may be able to get them for free. Since a different company runs each of the partner sites, each one also has a varied inventory and set of employees – if you have a problem while using one site, you can always swap to another.

If you need a product key for Microsoft software or products, you should get it from a trusted source. A Microsoft Certified Partner can not only be more affordable but much more comfortable to contact overall, meaning that they’re probably your best option for getting a key if you don’t want to go through Microsoft’s own services. You might even be able to get custom bundles if you’re buying essentials for a company-wide upgrade or change, which can save you money in the long-term.