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Top Played Games That Improve Your Intelligence

In modern times, aren’t we always striving to improve ourselves and our way of living? While several of us take part in athletics, gym visits, running, sports, writing workshops, and book clubs, where do you think you get a hold of something that will strengthen your IQ, memory, and coordination?

For gamers, hand-eye coordination is second to none. Nonetheless, as helpful as that is, can we use that gaming knowledge to enrich our everyday life. For people who want to enhance cognitive abilities, fine motor skills, and reduce anxiety, you came to the right place.

There are infinite likelihoods regarding IQ games, and here, in no particular order are the apps that give your brain that extra edge.

  1. Lumosity:

There is a saying that one’s reputation precedes itself. Lumosity has been here for years and many have waited long before actually trying it. It swells over 60+ mind games for you to play. Lumosity supports your IQ and cognitive practices become a regular part of your day-to-day life. How to become casino online affiliate on its official website, it breaks down the importance of their goal:

  • It offers to take the Fit Test to get your baseline scores on 3 games. To see how you stack up against others of your age and take the first step in your training.
  • Relish daily workouts that dispute 5 core cognitive proficiency. Games adjust to your mastery level, so you’ll always be challenged.
  • This will allow you to see your best and worst Lumosity actions and get insights into your training.

Many like the idea of enhancing their skill and always being challenged, it makes them hooked in as soon as they start the competition with their friends.

  • Eidetic:

If you are a student and can’t keep crucial test information in mind and the exam is less than a week away, Eidetic claims to help you. It also states that it distinguishes itself from other IQ apps by enforcing items that have meaning and context.

The fundamental framework of Eidetic is extremely steady, it permits you to put pretty much anything you believe is interesting or fun into the app. It includes your friend’s hilarious jokes, your favorite quote from a movie. These can all be stocked in one place. It spaces out memorizing these details so you can nicely retain the info in your brain.

  • ReliefLink:

Something that is truly important is your mental health at any cost. People who suffer from anxiety every now and then, and tracking those thoughts is positive and constructive.

This app is designed to help with suicide deterrence, permits you to better help bearing mechanisms, help you alleviate, experience mindfulness, and countless other mental health methods and tips.

The app page says that This app is a supplementary tool to help the user manage his/her customary mental health, monitor suicidal emotions and thoughts, and propose alternatives for seeking help. It should not be utilized in place of skilled mental health or medical help.

  • Brain Fitness Pro:

One of many personal favorites is memory activities, so Brain Fitness Pro delivers memory exercises and so much more. It allows you to train your brain to be sharper, recollects details more shortly, maintains important info, and others.

These things only become more significant as you age, like preferable memory and cognitive skills will no doubt maintain your brain at the vanguard. It’s essentially the equal of bench-pressing your noggin.

  • CogniFit Brain Fitness:

CogniFit pledges scientific technology in the shape of varied brain exercises. You have memory, arithmetic, mind planning, and personalized brain activity. It similarly gives you cognitive measurements based on these activities to map out how politely things like your optical perception and focus levels.

Some praise and say this is certainly one of the best apps for brain fitness. A little chat with customer support on the app will show you how they are super helpful, which is pretty unusual these days. Precisely recommended for anyone who is serious about keeping their mind at peace.

  • Chain Reaction:

Chain Reaction is a multiplayer (up to 2-8) game where you get to face off with your opponents on a dark grid. Orbs are positioned in cells and players endeavor to stack up as many as a chain reaction to allege each cell for themselves.

Only after you play the game, you’ll see how this can help with your coordination and moreover have a thoughtful, heated game with a super easy interface, and a few customization alternatives.


These games are solely made for people who want to train their brain or go through numerous puzzles perhaps laced with a narrative, or even just play quick game stores, both in-person and digital, are flocking with them. After playing these games, anyone will become a mental warrior. It is so cool for these games to exist that can actually be helpful.

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