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What is a Woocommerce Product Addons Plugin? How is it useful to Woocommerce online store owners?

Woocommerce is the biggest ecommerce platform out there and, by far, the most easiest one amongst all. It’s used by tens of thousands of users across the world. Basically Woocommerce is an ecommerce plugin which once added to a WordPress website will convert that WordPress website into a feature-rich ecommerce website. However, even though Woocommerce is a feature-rich ecommerce solution, some specific features may not be part of the default Woocommerce pack. These functionalities could easily be enabled on the website by installing a plugin. 

WordPress and Woocommerce have a very active community of developers from across the world and literally has a solution (in the form of a plugin) for any type of functionality requirement that arises in an ecommerce website.There are thousands of plugins to enable various features – some are for general features (like Google Analytics integration, Google Feed Manger, SEO optimization etc) and others are to enable some specific features. Woocommerce product addons are such type of plugins, that comes in the latter category, which fulfills some specific functionality- missing features in the product detail page of the Woocommerce websites, in this case. So for the same functionality, plugins are available from multiple developers, plugins of different types – some free and others with a cost. These product addon plugins are also known in the names of  Woocommerce product options, Woocommerce custom fields etc. Even though there are many such plugins developed by various companies to serves the same purpose, a plugin which stands out from the lot is Woocommerce product addons plugin by Acowebs. This plugin is built with a drag and drop form builder, which makes it easier than the rest. It also has a great UX and is easy to manage. The pro version comes with a nominal cost which itself is the lowest for any type of plugin, not to mention this separately. 

So what all are the main features in these product addon or product option plugins?

By default, the product detail page in Woocommerce store comes with very basic information, considering the fact that various types of products and services are sold through these websites and all are not the same. So depending on the specifications of the products (or services) in various websites, only these may not suffice for all occasions. Here comes into play this plugin as it can help the admins and website owners to add many additional details and collect these information, which would be sent to them as email along with the order details (and also stored in the back-end of the website) once the user makes a purchase. 

So with this plugin admins can add text field, an HTML 5 input field to add numbers, a radio button field, a multi-selection field to choose from, a date & time field, a color field to pick the colors, some hidden fields, a password field etc (and many more) at just once single click. Apart from these basic features, the product addon plugins also have many other high-end features like custom price fields (where the price can be added for each field/item that the user adds), custom price formulas (where used a formula can be used to calculate the pricing), Conditional logic (to show or hide some fields based on the related fields chosen), Custom date picker, time picker and many more. 

This free version of the Woocommerce product addons plugin also has some good features, even though some of the advanced features are available only in the pro version. It has a top overall rating – with 5* given by developers and website owners across the world. The drag and drop form builder of this plugin really makes creating forms a hassle-free exercise.

The main advantage of these type of plugins are they actually enable the Woocommerce store to sell not only physical products, but also digital products, professional services etc, which in turn leverages this ecommerce platform to become an expandable solution to various other segments as well, rather than just being tied up as a solution for just physical products. 

As we discussed the product addons are just one kind of plugins that solve a particular purpose, and there are many other plugins which solves a specific problem, by adding a specific functionality that is missing in the default Woocommerce plugin. Woocommerce also has a plugin marketplace, but the surprising fact is that there are other plugins too with good features, made by skilled developers from across the world.