10 Reasons Why You Need an Air Compressor for Your Next Project

Whether you’re a seasoned or beginner DIYer, an air compressor can be a valuable tool. Learn why you need an air compressor for your next project.

About 90% of your projects will require power drills and impact drivers. They’re some of the tools you absolutely must have as a DIYer! But does an air compressor come to mind as being important to your next project? Probably not.

However, it’s essential when you think of saving time and money. It’s also vital when you want to get more done from home and making your home a DIY enthusiast’s paradise.

Many people’s interaction with an air compressor, maybe you included, is when inflating tires. They’re oblivious to the fact that it has a wide range of uses in a workshop.

It’s simply one of the most versatile acquisitions you can have in your home. The first step in your next project should be acquiring an air compressor.

Whether you’re a seasoned or beginner DIYer, an air compressor can be a valuable tool. Learn why you need an air compressor for your next project.

1. It Enables You to Acquire Affordable Power Tools

You probably have been using manual tools or electric tools for your DIY projects. If you’ve been using manual tools, chances are you would like to try power tools to make your work easier. In acquiring power tools, you have a choice between electric and air tools.

Electric tools can be pricey but pneumatic power tools are a lot cheaper. Once you have bought the air compressor, you will be able to buy a wide array of affordable power tools to aid you in your project. The power tools will not only make your work easier but also more enjoyable.

2. Pneumatic Tools Are Easier to Maintain Than Electric Power Tools

Pneumatic tools have fewer moving parts when compared to electric tools, thus they don’t fail often. When it comes to maintenance, all they need is lubrication with aerosolizing oil to protect the moving parts from friction. Once this is done, no more repairs are needed.

Another reason why these tools require less maintenance is because they pose no danger of electrocution. You don’t need to worry whether there is a naked wire somewhere in your tool because there are no electric wires in it!

Air tools also need less preventive maintenance when compared to their electric counterparts. This ultimately means that you’ll be able to deliver your project within budget. The low maintenance tools also mean that your project will maintain momentum as no maintenance breaks will be necessary.

As a DIYer, you know you find satisfaction in seeing your project taking shape. With air tools, you’re more likely to see that every day than with any other tools!

3. An Air Compressor Will Enable You to Run Tools Are a Lower Cost of Energy

The price of energy is one of the highest costs of running power tools of any type. An air compressor will enable you to run your tools without having to spend a lot on energy.

In these tools, you only run one mortar, which is the one running the power compressor. These tools run on compressed air, thus the reason behind low power consumption.

4. It Grants you Flexibility in your Work

From time to time, you may require to go offsite for some parts of a project or the entire project. For many people, this means reverting to manual tools until they’re back in the workshop or using battery-powered electric tools which, as we have observed, are expensive to maintain and to run.

An air compressor can be run on gas, thus it can optimally be used in an offsite location for a project. You will either need to wheel the compressor to the site or carry it depending on its size.

In case you live in a place that’s prone to power outages, you can still work since a compressor can be powered by gas. You may also have the opportunity to decide whether it’s cheaper for you to use gas or electricity in a particular project.

The bottom line is that unlike electric tools, an air compressor allows you a choice in the source of power for your tools.

5. Air Compressors Have More power Unlike Electric Tools

When it comes to tools like an impact wrench, drills, and others, air tools pack more torque than electric tools of similar caliber. Having a compressor will enable you to do more heavy duty activities in your project because with it, you can run such tools.

This means that you’ll require less time to complete your project. You will also have less wastage of materials. More power means you will be less limited in the type of projects you can undertake.

In addition to being more powerful, air tools allow you to regulate the amount of power. You don’t have to worry about delivering a lower punch where higher is needed. Or about destroying your piece of wood with too much power because it’s all you have.

Due to this adjustment, there is less wastage of materials and time.

6. You’ll Experience Less Fatigue Using an Air Compressor

Air tools have a higher power to weight ratio. This is because unlike their electric counterparts, they don’t have a mortar. Powerful electric tools have a bigger mortar which is also heavier.

Having lighter tools means that as you work using air tools, you’ll experience less fatigue. You will be able to work faster and for longer hours, thus delivering the project faster and enjoying the work more.

You can also do other errands or engage in relaxing activities such as swimming or playing games, since you won’t have any muscle pains after work!

7. Air Tools Are Safer to Use

When an air tool is running, no electricity runs through it. Electric current is confined in the mortar of the air compressor. You’re not likely to be electrocuted as you probably have been before when using electric tools.

While you still need to be careful when using pneumatic tools, electric ones require much more care in handling.

Not having to be too careful means that an air compressor allows you to work faster. You enjoy building things more this way.

8. It Will Help You With Simple Auto Repairs

Sometimes a mechanic will give you a huge bill for something you could absolutely have done by yourself. For a DIYer, whether new or experienced, there’s great satisfaction in getting things done by yourself and saving money.

An air compressor will help you change your fuel filters and other simple parts at the convenience of your garage. Ordinary challenges for an inexperienced mechanic such as loosening nuts in tight spaces are eliminated by the tools you can power using the compressor.

However, you need the right guidance on how to use the air compressors to be able to handle such repairs.

Using an air compressor may not be as simple as the tools it runs! Buy air compressors direct from manufacturers who also have professionals who are dedicated to ensuring that you get all the information you need to get the best out of your air compressor.

9. You Can Use It for Cleaning

One of the most demoralizing things is waking up in the morning to a dirty workshop. Never mind, you’re the one who left it dirty the previous night! It ruins your workflow quite a bit.

Having an air compressor will enable you to easily clean your workshop at the end of the day. With its blasts of air under high pressure, it’s able to blow away dust quickly and effectively. You can wake up to a clean and welcoming environment to continue with your work!

10. It has an Incredible Painting Performance

You probably have had the experience where you built something decent, strong, and properly functional, but the finishing is terrible. Usually, this is due to a bad basic paint job. Using an air compressor driven sprayer to paint will give you a professional finish!

The beautiful look will give you the satisfaction you deserve after having worked so hard on your project.

Explore More Options on Why You Need an Air Compressor

In addition to powering your tools, an air compressor is useful in opening clamps and closing them, fastening bolts, belts, and nuts.

Although tools that run using an air compressor are cheap, the air compressor may be a bit expensive. The initial investment shouldn’t discourage you at all. After all, all the reasons above explain why you need an air compressor.

The benefits you’ll enjoy surpass the initial cost of purchasing the compressor. Think about it as a long term investment and we guarantee you that you’ll see the returns.

The efficiency it brings to your workshop is enough to move you from DIY to professional if you desire! Even if you don’t have professional designs, the pleasure of seeing your good work is motivating enough.

Think about your friends or colleagues praising you for that DIY project at home or at your workplace. You can achieve such more projects by purchasing an air compressor!

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