3 IT Tips for Small Businesses

MSP stands for a managed service provider. This is an IT solution for small businesses that is used to manage the IT network and ensure security is optimal. In reality, it does far more than this. MSPs also understand your business and audit it, they use analytic tools to optimize its performance. 

In the past small businesses used in-house IT teams to handle the network and fix any major issues. This works fine to an extent, but managed IT services offer far more. An MSP will not only protect your network from downtime it will add quantifiable value to your business using a range of digital tools and specialist knowledge. 

Cost Savings

Traditionally small businesses employed a team of IT experts to oversee the network and ensure that productivity levels remained consistent. This model is still used by some companies today but it is quickly changing as they realize the benefits in cost and efficiency of using an MSP. 

With an MSP your small business will gain access to, not just a small team of salaried experts, but a global pool of dedicated professionals on hand to service your network 24/7. MSPs are not only more effective than in-house teams, capable of maintenance day and night, they are also cheaper overall. 

IT Strategy That Aligns with Business Goals

If you think an in-house IT team is better because it’s more invested in your individual company, then think again. MSPs are dedicated platforms that take a unique interest in your business. They need to understand how your business operates to deliver the best possible service. This is standard practice for an MSP. 

An MSP will start with an audit of your business. This will include a review of your network, security protocol, compliance criteria, and software. They will search for weaknesses and inefficiencies and strengthen your business where necessary. They will also continue to review and optimize your business. 

Get Quantifiable Results

An in-house IT team might be able to manage your network and implement effective security measures, but one thing that can’t do is optimize the performance of your business to bring it more value and increase its productivity. Conversely, MSPs are designed for this purpose. 

When you partner with an MSP you also invest in the productivity of your business. MSPs offer improved uptime rates, streamlined software processes, better digital collaboration, and more integrated network solutions. All of this contributes to better productivity, more quantifiable results, and an improvement in your bottom line.

If you’re operating a small business today and you aren’t using an MSP you may be losing out. Your in-house IT team might be operating as you expect them to and keeping things running but their salaries will be high and you won’t have the added benefits of greater productivity and security protocol. 

When you partner with an MSP you invest in your business and prepare it for the future. The reality is that in a short time the outdated in-house model will have to be completely replaced if you want to compete in your industry. Move forward with an MSP and develop your business in the process.