4 WordPress Enhancements You Should Use

There are different types of enhancements you can use to make your WordPress website better. Some of these plugins are over hyped, meaning they don’t add value to your websites, with only a few effective. No matter the website you are running, its niche, or content, there are several proven plugins that you can use to boost your website effectively. This article will discuss some of these enhancements and why you should use them. Here is the list.

1. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is the most popular WordPress tool which every website must-have. Other than improving your website’s SEO features, it improves its overall readability. From Google statistics, about 80% of the website visitors scan the content before actually reading it. This situation means the more your content is accessible and easier to read, the more it will retain the visitors’ attention. Some of the key features of Yoast SEO include optimizing pages and posts with Meta descriptions and keywords, checks if your content is optimized, and highlights improvements while using simple tips to make your content readable. It’s available on a free version, but users can upgrade it to premium for more services.

2. AudioEye

AudioEye enables WordPress accessibility, making it comply with WCAG / ADA rules and regulations. Besides the accessibility feature, the plugin helps boost your SEO, making your website stand out among your competitors. It enables your content to be accessible to anyone, including the 61 million US nationals living with disabilities. This enhancement comprises solutions that incorporate the power of AI and machine learning together with digital experts to help in improving your content’s accessibility. Using this tool makes your website tuned to compliance to avoid costly fines and time-consuming lawsuits from compliance organizations.

3. UpdraftPlus

Due to technological advancement and increased cyber-attacks, thousands of websites get hacked every day. With WordPress hosting over 30% of the websites, it becomes important to safeguard it from this hacking. Other than cyber-attacks, your website might stop working due to errors during creation. UpdraftPlus integrates with various cloud storage facilities to ensure your backups are taken care of. It also helps to automate your backups on given schedules to ensure nothing gets lost. Some of its key features include automatically or manually backing up your website, storing the backups in the cloud or local storage, and restores your site to a previous version.

4. WP Rocket

On every website, loading time is critical, especially if you want to convert the traffic. Visitors tend to close a website if it loads slower than expected and move on to the next. WP Rocket plugin helps WordPress websites to speed up their loading times. It works by creating cached copies of generated pages, which makes the servers do less work. Most websites tend to be slower due to caches. The plugin solves the cache issue, giving your page faster loading speeds. Although it’s a paid enhancement, it benefits your website in a major way. Some of its features include improving visitors’ browser caching, enabling faster loading of websites.

There are thousands of other plugins you can use, depending on their function and reliability. However, not all are worth installing to your website. You need to be careful when choosing the best, especially if trying to improve your website’s performance.