Cold Calling Doesn’t Have to Be a Pain – Here’s Why

When starting a career as a Sales Development Representative, some people will feel overwhelmed – or even terrified – of the idea of making a cold call. Making an unsolicited phone call to a person isn’t always met with a positive reaction, so it’s understandable that new reps may feel anxious about the process.

The thing about cold calling is that it needs to be done to the right people, and under the right circumstances. Reps need to approach the situation from an angle of wanting to help – trying to push or sell a product won’t typically get you the results you want.

Not sure where to start? That’s typically not a problem. Besides there being tons of advice out there on how to make effective cold calls, it’s also possible to improve your cold calling with the right tools and software. In fact, a number of sales teams rely heavily on sales call software that provides many features that makes a rep’s job a whole lot easier.

Dynamic Scripting

Most sales reps aren’t alone when they make a cold call – they’ll have a script with them that will help guide the way and keep the conversation going if there’s ever a lull. The thing is that traditional, linear sales scripts can’t always anticipate what the person on the other end is going to say, creating the potential for some awkward conversations.

Some sales teams will overcome this challenge by using scripting software that utilizes an on-screen interface where the rep can choose from different dialogue options based on what their lead has said. The script can be easily customized and also adapted for any stage of the sales cycle.

This means that if your lead has an objection, you can select the relevant option on the screen and then be given an appropriate response. Dynamic scripting like this can help turn the conversation around quickly and ensure that the rep doesn’t start rambling and lose the interest of the person on the other end of the line.

Auto Routing and Dialing

Punching in numbers over and over is a real pain and huge time sink. Sales teams can benefit immensely from software that automatically dials the next best lead for reduced downtime and faster turnover. An on-screen display will provide them with key information about who they are contacting, meaning that they also don’t have to waste any time looking it up themselves.

Appointment Setting

Making a sale isn’t usually done in a single call. Sometimes there needs to be follow-up, which is why appointment setting is an essential tool for reps. Sales software can be utilized to send out automatic reminders via SMS or email to prospects about upcoming appointments. You also don’t have to worry about double-booking as team members can all see each other’s calendars from a single view.

Technology is Key

Cold calling has come a long way with the help of the right tools. With all these features available, there’s no reason to fear making calls and managing leads.