Companies to Buy Email List from – My Experience

Last year, I was in the process of growing my SaaS business in the B2B space. As many SaaS companies look for, I need enterprise clients too. Having done marketing in my previous job, it was apparent to me the things I was NOT supposed to do. 

Since I was bootstrapping, I knew I could not afford high CPC search ads for a very long time. The cost per click was $40+ for the targeted keyword. I’ve had very little luck with SEO, so that was out, and social media marketing was not the channel to promote my product.

I knew I had to take the Email Marketing route and specifically cold email outbound marketing campaigns. I’d run cold email campaigns for a friend of mine before, and I had gotten him to calendar appointments with a couple of prospects, so I knew this was the way to go. 

I quickly started creating my first set of email copies and the call script and now needed help with prospecting and finding the contact data information. One way would have been to do it myself, and the other would have been to buy a year contract of a database company and keep using that data. 

Both of these approaches would not work for two reasons: 

  1. We were a three-person company and did not have the time to carry out prospecting every single day, so finding lead data on our own was not an option. 
  2. We did not buy a database contract, given 30%+ records are outdated (prior experience), and it’s expensive. 

I then set out to find companies/agencies that provide custom list building services. I wanted to outsource list building to agencies for several reasons: 

  1. Professional companies work on custom data as per my requirement, so I’m not buying an already used database list. 
  2. They take a guarantee of the verification and validity of the contact data. Hence anytime I receive bounces, I should be able to swap it for the correct one.
  3. While doing email marketing, you have to be very careful with the GDPR and CAN-SPAM compliances to avoid a massive penalty.

Based on my month’s research, talking to a couple of these agencies, and eventually working with a couple of them, here are my top picks for companies to buy email lists from in 2020 and beyond. 

(Disclaimer: These are the companies that I found success with and may not work for you. This is not a sponsored list by any means)

  1. Surge Street

Surprisingly, I would name them at the top of this list, given they are a reasonably new agency in the lead generation space. But the experience I’ve had working with them justifies their position here.

During my first conversation with them, I was amazed to see their enthusiasm for pinpointing precise lead data to fuel the campaigns. 

I ordered my first batch of 500 contacts data with them, and since then, they have become my go-to agency for placing orders for lead contact data.

I love their meticulous approach towards creating custom workflows to extract data and prepare custom lists that are difficult to find in traditional database lists. Also, I’ve faced no issues with swapping invalid contacts for the correct ones. Highly recommended!

More about Surge Street

Location: Gurugram, India


Significant Clients: SODEXO, Spectra Internet, Netmagic Solutions, Dell EMC, Children’s Hopechest 

  1. MedicoReach
Healthcare Email List – Medical Email List | MedicoReach

MedicoReach specializes in email lists for the healthcare industry. Given we had built a product for the healthcare industry, I heavily relied on these people for niche-specific data.

They offer an accurate, reliable, and updated email list of B2B healthcare marketers worldwide. If you are serving the healthcare industry, try them out.

More about MedicoReach

Location: Austin, TX


Significant Clients: Markitects, Jamendo, Schouten Global 

  1. Pure B2B
PureB2B's Competitors, Revenue, Number of Employees, Funding, Acquisitions  & News - Owler Company Profile

Although Pure B2B does a lot more than building verified email lists, I engaged them just for lead contact data generation. I found their results to be very accurate, but they tend to be on the higher side in pricing.

If you’ve got the budget, I’d recommend them.

More about PureB2B

Location: Topsfield, MA


Significant Clients: BambooHR, VMWare

  1. Blue Mail Media
Blue Mail Media : B2B Demand Generation - Marketing Data Solutions

I engaged Blue Mail Media’s team for one or two data lists that I had them build for me. I’ve found that although they have a database of their own, they’d still verify and include contacts in the list only if the email addresses still work. 

Contact validity part aside, I found their lists to be lacking a bit on the accuracy part given they were anyway taking data out of a database that they’ve been maintaining for a long time. Still, I’ve found them to be better than a lot of database companies I’ve talked to over the past year.

More about Blue Mail Media

Location: Austin, Texas


Significant Clients: Costco, Immix Group

  1. Thomson Data
Thomson Data : B2B Mailing List - Technology Users List

Thomson Data is another company providing effective, accurate data options. I talked to their team about custom list building solutions but ended up not working with them because they are more on the expensive side. 

I came to know about them from a friend of mine who worked at Redhat, who told me that they regularly buy contact data from Thomson Data.

They offer both Custom List Building and Readymade Database lists if that is something you’re interested in.

More about Thomson Data

Location: Plano, TX


Significant Clients: Oracle, Reuters

  1. InfoClutch
InfoClutch Email ROI Calculator Reviews: Pricing & Software Features 2020 -

InfoCluth is very heavy on generating email lists of all sorts. They are probably the only company other than Surge Street that I’ve found to be making lists custom to my exact requirements. They have great support too.

I had them build a couple of lists before I found less expensive options listed above. Nonetheless, I would still work with them if I had the dollars to spend, given their lists are pretty spot on too.

More about InfoCluth

Location: Edison, New Jersey


Significant Clients: Jamendo, Capgemini

That’s it. These are my recommendations for the companies to buy email lists from. During the past year, I’ve grown my Saas product using outbound campaigns, and I’ve thoroughly used these companies’ expertise. 

If you’re someone who’s heading the marketing/sales team at your company or someone who’s running a business of your own and if you understand that you can make more sales happen by tapping into the right people’s inboxes, I would say you don’t waste a day and get started by having your list built by any of these companies mentioned above.

Hit me up with any questions that you may have in the comments below.