Six Best Communication Apps for Coparents

For harmonious co-parenting, you need to show many positive qualities. Smooth co-parenting relies on flexibility, patience and the ability to compromise. It is tough enough to keep a household running smoothly when the complete family is beneath one roof. However, good organization and management is even more essential when children split their time between two homes.

Depending on the relationship between parents, most co-parenting situations can eventually reach a comfortable balance. But in some cases, particularly if there’s tension, disagreement or non-compliance from either parent, it will turn everyday-living into a really massive problem.

There is a useful app for everything today. Some have questionable value but others could clearly be verybeneficial. For this reason, you won’t be stunned to find there are many useful apps specifically for co-parenting.

Some of the best apps for coparenting are actually general communication and organization apps that you can easily adapt for the task. See this Reciprocality article for more details. As well, you can use specialized apps such as the following.


Timtab has the ultimate technology solution for the difficult task of writing a parenting plan. The website uses artificial intelligence to come up with the optimal parenting schedule for the situation. For example, it adjusts for the distance between homes and the ages of the children.

Within a few minutes you can have a good draft of your parenting plan. Timtab also offers numerous customization options so that you can imprint parental preferences on the final plan.


Coparently offers on-line and mobile communication tools to assist co-parents to improve calendaring problems, communicate more clearly, track shared expenses, and store correct, up-to-date contact info. Its simple to use, and you’ll be able to add your kids to the account to let them contribute to scheduling, create requests, etc., which makes it a decent choice for families with teenagers who need to possess a say in the decision-making process.


One of the simplest, feature-packed apps we checked out is Cozi. Though not specifically designed for co-parenting, it’s everything a co-parenting couple would want, and more. With Cozi, you’ll be able to set-up shared calendars, create to-do lists and share photos. It even permits you to store and share favorite recipes, that is handy to keep meals consistent and deal with food allergies across 2 homes.

Our Family Wizard

The Our Family Wizard app was produced by a divorced couple who were in need of higher communication and sharing of data relating to their kids (hat’s off to a couple who can create an app post-divorce!). The top result’s the foremost extensive co-parenting app available with an array of tools that schedule kid custody, track parenting time, share info and manage expenses. It additionally logs communication to produce a correct record for divorce proceedings. a part of the most Our Family Wizard web site, it suggests helpful resources like counseling and divorce lawyers.

2 houses

2 houses, app that provides the simplest way to communicate with your child’s other parent once phone, text, and email simply aren’t operating. (It should go without saying that using the children as “messengers” may be a formula for disaster.) The app helps oldsters organize their schedules, keep track of all activities and exchange info regarding their children, from medical notes to school appointments. It additionally offers a messaging service, mediator access, and document storage via an internet platform and on mobile apps for IOS and android.


The amicable app aims to assist couples to have amicable separations and encourages them to create their child’s best interests their top priority. Right now, the divorce services accessible through the app are only offered in England and Wales, however, the app itself may be downloaded anyplace within the world. Amicable helps couples reach friendly agreements, simplify the separation process and cut back their prices. On the app, parents will set goals for the future they hope to make post-separation, produce a parenting plan documenting choices they reach concerning their youngsters, agree on the nature and price of assets and the way to separate them, and make budgets for life post-divorce.

If you’re feeling your co-parenting needs improving or you need to foster a bit more harmony with your ex-partner, check out the digital tools available. Anything that helps communication and organization can only improve the well-being and happiness of your youngsters.