The Test Automation Culture of NearShore Technology

Tony Zapata, a NearShore Technology, Project Services Manager, discusses the various implications of developing a Test Automation culture. The first step to a successful transformation involves a commitment to automation across all silos within the organization. In reality, automation testing benefits both developers and testers.

NearShore Technology’s Automation Culture

The testing phase of an implementation project is where DevOps and QA teams truly come together. And, as Mr. Zapata suggests, the NearShore team abides by the words of George, E.P. Box, “Discovering the unexpected is more important than confirming the known.” Everyone needs to be aware of the technology stack and how each piece of the framework affects their roles in the organization. What does this mean for your team? As developers code new environments, tests need to be pulled automatically. Before these reports can be pulled without a human, all teams need to understand the applications and develop their own code, a place to store the code and share the updates with both the DevOps and QA teams.

Corporate Communication

Mr. Zapata explains that to ensure the entire team is on board with a new automation project, he strives to motivate his team with open and direct communication. He takes the time to educate his team on the value added by DevOps. An Automation culture not only drives growth within the company, but it provides new opportunities for engineers to develop new skills while advancing their careers. As NearShore Technology grows, all team members need as much experience as possible. The answer is simple, Tony says, open communication highlights employees’ capabilities, which motivates them to strive for improvement continually.

Any new project has its own list of challenges. As a Project Manager, Mr. Zapata lives by the values of Servant Leadership. He takes the time to work with team members that may have less experience in a specific Automation technology – always emphasizing the need for professionalism in all ways, not just a single project. As the team learns what it truly means to be a consultant, their view of the company may change as they become more eager to grow. Often, valuing attitude over skillset is the key to long term success.

Speed Vs. Quality

When adopting an automation culture, many teams struggle to find a balance between Speed and Quality. NearShore’s team of engineers overcome this challenge by being proactive. Before any project begins, the team meets for a planning meeting in which all team members are educated on key expectations. Not every team needs to be automated, and providing a clear and simple direction for any Automated Testing project, ranked upon importance, allows the team to operate efficiently.

All of the processes we have in place allow our team of engineers to communicate freely while providing our clients with the best software solutions. We believe that by treating people well, everything else falls into place. Technology fuels the passion we have for our work, but our bond as a family is the ingredient that makes it all work. When you join the NearShore Technology family, you stop working in silos and become a part of a selfless mission to make everything around you better – your family, team, and projects.

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