Things You Need to Know about Tech Trends, Innovation & Artificial Intelligence Now

Technological Evolution

Using the concept of evolution, everything begins from the simplest form to a more complex/sophisticated form. Similarly, technology begins from simple analog machines and simple manual processes to what it is today. With an increase in human’s curiosity and zeal to explore the unknown, technology is receiving more attention than ever. Could you believe that in the nearest future, it will be possible to cool the atmosphere by injecting the cloud with water to reflect the sun away? And flying cars in sci-fi movies may soon come to reality. That would be awesome, right?

Technology is moving at a pace that it is almost impossible to catch up; every aspect of technology is advancing simultaneously. If you have been following technological trends in 2019, you will be surprised at amazing technologies coming into the limelight, and these innovations are cutting across every aspect of life as well. Let’s bring you up to speed on the latest technological trends:

Artificial Intelligence

This is the real deal of all technology trends; it is believed that if you are not investing in or integrating AI, whatever you are investing in may become obsolete in the near future. AI is becoming more diverse as it is applicable in many fields. Human attributes such as seeing, reading, speaking, recognizing, processing, sense of judgment, or even emotions are what machine can learn themselves. Soon we won’t be programming functions into machines and computer programs, they will be learning how to do things themselves, and they will be able to do things perfectly. Thus, innovations lead through artificial intelligence, and AI is the technology of the future.


Not that human beings are getting lazy to do things by themselves, but if you can imagine all the chores you have to carry out manually every day, then calculate the time spent on those chores, you will be convinced automation is a big deal. From the simple automated garage door to the complex industrial production machines, automation has been helpful, and companies are now investing in it more than ever. With the automation technology, robotics is getting better.


The first thing that comes to mind anytime the word “Blockchain” is mentioned is cryptocurrency. But Blockchain usability has gone more than trading digital currencies, it is being used in security systems, business applications, legal, IoT, medical care, etc. Blockchain is revolutionary in the world of computing because it ensures data integrity.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The ability of every electronic gadget to interact with each other is another focus of the technology world, and it seems this technology is gaining more fans every day. Electronics companies that manufacture multiple products have been embedding functions that let individual device interact with each other. For example, The Apple Watch can be used as a control device for all other Apple devices, Samsung Mobile phones can interact seamlessly with Samsung smart TV, and so on.

Augmented Reality

With the advancement of technology, rendering systems can now combine 3D visions, sounds, haptics, location, and even other senses such as smell to create real-life objects. This means in the near future; we will not only be able to render real-time objects, but we will also be able to feel or touch them. Many tech companies are investing in this technology, and very soon we will be able to hold conferences in AR, represent scientific phenomenon in AR, or even use this fantastic technology to revive our long-gone loved ones. This technology will also be useful in the entertainment industry.


As if there is not enough space on earth to accommodate every technology being invented, technologists are now focusing on creating technological devices that very tiny (not visible to the naked eye). The physical size of nano-technological devices has been advantageous in many fields, especially medical/healthcare. Surgeons can now perform medical operations from computer screens, doctors can treat patients continents apart, vital levels can be monitored remotely, and so many similar applications of nanotechnology.


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Technology is dynamic; something new is coming up every day, so you need to be up-to-date on the hottest tech trends.