Why TV, Internet and Home Phone Bundles Are Making a Come Back

With the rise of streaming services like Netflix over the years, a number of people (millennials in particular) have been opting out of bundled television packages in favour just paying for internet plus their preferred streaming service. While the original intention was to save money, many millennials are finding that this isn’t so much the case anymore for a handful of reasons. Instead, they are now interested in new internet, TV and phone packages that have become available and offer competitive pricing options at affordable rates. While counterintuitive, these all-inclusive packages are actually saving millennials a lot of money and also offering a level of convenience that just isn’t possible with the alternative.

Rising Costs

Not too long ago Netlfix rose the costs of their subscription prices in order to remain competitive in what’s now a largely oversaturated market. The problem is that the initial draw to sign up with Netlfix in the first place was its affordability – as is the case with any other streaming platform. As subscription prices rise, the cost-effectiveness of paying for a Netflix subscription on top of internet (and a home phone if you have it) becomes increasingly obsolete.

There are providers out there who can put together impressively affordable bundles that come with robust TV packages paired with decent internet and a home phone. The deal you get for bundling just may be better than whatever you’re paying for streaming and internet.

Too Many Subscriptions

There are so many new streaming services that it’s almost impossible to keep up with them all – even Disney is coming out with its own exclusive service called Disney+. You also have Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Now, and a bunch of others that you’ve probably never heard of before. It’d be great if you could pick just one and be able to watch any show you wanted on it, but the reality is that many television series are exclusive and can only be found on one service.

What do you do? If you buy a subscription to more than one streaming service then you’re paying more money than you originally intended to. There’s also the hassle of having to manage multiple accounts and subscriptions, as well as having to login to different services back and forth depending on what you want to watch.

The reality is that TV bundles allow you to pay for one single subscription and watch a variety of different television shows regardless of who it’s from. For example, with a satellite TV bundle from Shaw you could watch Game of Thrones on HBO and A Handmaid’s Tale on Crave, all via one platform and on one bill. You can’t get this kind of convenience anywhere else.

Surf to Your Heart’s Content

How many times have you been stuck searching endlessly through Netflix hoping for something good to watch? Before you even know it it’s been half an hour and you’ve wasted away your precious time to relax. Perhaps the final reason why people are going for TV bundles is so that they don’t have to find something to watch – instead, they can channel surf and find something to watch quicker.