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80s Costumes – The Best Characters To Dress As

When Halloween time comes around, or even just a dress up party, 80s costumes are always a great choice to go with. They provide the opportunity for you dress up in a way that hasn’t been seen for decades.

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It’s all about the nostalgia baby. For these costumes, the style of the decade is everything and what better to show this than with some iconic 80s movies characters. Here are some of the best 80s costumes to go with, all based on renowned movies and their characters.

1. The Terminator

Without a doubt, one of the most popular 80s costumes to go with, both during the 80s and now, is of course the Terminator. This evil turned good robot played by none other than Arnold himself grabbed the attention of anybody to stumble across the this movie series. If you want to dress like the Terminator, a leather jacket, leather pants, black shades, and that classic 80s Arnold hairdo should be more than enough. Throw in an “I’ll be back” every now and again, and people won’t be able to notice the difference between the real thing and yourself.

2. Alex Owens

Flashdance was an extremely popular movie back in the 80s. While it might not be widely known anymore, 80s costume parties just are not complete without at least one Alex Owens. She loves to dance, she pours water over herself any chance she gets, and she is super confident. In terms of 80s costumes, this one is pretty easy to execute. A very short skirt or cut off shorts, a baggy grey sweater, and big red heels are all you really need. Of course, the hardest part here might be achieving that frizzy, big, and bold over the top 80s hair. Use this guide to make the perfect  80s hairdo/

3. Indiana Jones

Who doesn’t love Indian Jones? Harrison Ford did an amazing job portraying this adventurous and thrill seeking archaeologist. With the right clothes, you can do the same. Khaki pants, a shirt with a nice collar, a fedora, a leather jacket, and an old school messenger bag should do the trick. When it comes to 80s costumes, there is not much better that you will find, especially if you add the classic whip into the mix. He’s fun, he’s confident, and he’s smooth as smooth can be.

4. Ren & Ariel

This is a good 80s costume choice for couple. Footloose is one of the all time classic dance movies, 80s or otherwise. It’s exciting, it’s bold, and it’s action packed. For Ariel, a pink 80s dress that flows with heels that are decent for dancing are all you really need. Curly thrown up hair is essential too. For Ren, all you will need is pretty much just a standard Tuxedo. Black pants, a white 80s dress shirt, a bow tie, and that classic maroon blazer will do just fine. Guys don’t need to worry too much about the hair here.

5. Ed Rooney

While this might not be the most popular 80s costume to go with, this fun hating principal, Ed Rooney, from the Hit movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is an absolute classic. The great part is that he is so easy to dress as. Get yourself a moustache, real or fake, a dirty grey suit, and an ugly maroon tie with white dots. It might not make you the most attractive 80s character, but people should definitely know who you are.

The Best 80s Costumes

Remember folk, it really does not matter who or what you dress up as, as long as you have that 80s look down. It’s all about the style, those old school clothes, and those classic hairdos too.