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A Week of Water Activities for Kids

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Stay cool with a week’s worth of easy, fun water activities! Your kids will love these easy ways to cool off with water.

Water playtime activities are always a favorite! And summertime makes them even more popular!

We’ve been having tons of fun at the pool and with our water guns. I decided that it might be fun to do a whole week of water fun with the kids!

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An easy week of water activities for kids to stay cool this summer!
A Week of Water Activities for Kids!

I’ve chosen some of our favorite activities to do in the summer to do this week, to get outside and enjoy the days when we can!

Monday: Water Gun Target

Set up cans on a table outside and shoot them with water guns to knock them down.

Supplies needed:

water/squirt guns
pop cans/tin cans

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Tuesday: Pouring Water Practice

Practice pouring water from a pitcher into cups. Take it outside!

Supplies needed:

plastic or paper cups

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Wednesday: Colored Water Transfer

Have a water play day! Set out tubs of water with some scoops to transfer water back and forth. Add color to the water if you’d like.

Supplies needed:

tubs or buckets
food coloring (optional)
scoops, spoons, measuring cups, etc

Find details: Colored Water Transfer

Thursday: Wash Toys

Use a tub of soapy water to wash favorite toys.

Supplies needed:

tub or bucket
sponge or toothbrush
dish soap

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 Friday: Painting with Water

Take a paintbrush and a tub of water outside and paint various surfaces! Watch what happens when the sun dries it away.

Supplies needed:

dish or tub
sidewalk, fence, driveway, porch, etc
Saturday: What Absorbs Water Experiment

Collect various objects of nature in a muffin tin. Pour water into each section to see what absorbs water and what doesn’t.

Supplies needed:

muffin pan

Find details: What Absorbs Water? Science Experiment

Sunday: Sprinkler Fun!

Have a fun summer!

What are your favorite water activities to do with your kids in the summer?

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