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After 2 quiet summers, the NBA could be set up for an 'enormous' free agency, but with some important changes

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The NBA could be set for an “enormous” 2019 free agency when a ton of star players will hit the market, and a third of the teams could have cap space.
There is already buzz about potential superstar pairings.
Some think that teams have learned lessons from the 2016 salary cap spike and will spend their money more wisely.
Many people are watching how middle-tier players get paid after many of them took short-term deals the last two years.

Two quiet summers in the NBA could pave the way for a wild offseason in 2019.

The great salary cap spike and ensuing free agency frenzy of 2016 produced some unintended consequences, namely less fluid markets. Teams that spent wildly and freely in 2016 found themselves capped out in 2017 and 2018, while other teams with cap space chose to sit out free agency to preserve their future flexibility. As a result, more players signed one- or two-year deals. See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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