These Artists Will Transform Your Kid’s Drawings Into Jewelry

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Every parent loves the art their kid makes. Sure, it may not always be worthy of a museum, but anything your kid makes is special in your eyes. I know my mom still hangs paintings I made in first grade in our house, and our Christmas tree is filled with old decorations from me and my brother’s childhood. 

That’s why two Turkish artists recently have begun a business turning the art of children into something much more. Tasarim Takarim are an artistic duo who operate on Etsy; their business involves taking kids’ art and turning it into beautiful pieces of jewelry. It’s a perfect way to let your child’s art live on forever, and to keep it with you wherever you go. The artists let you choose from a variety of metals and colors, and the prices range from $127 to $214. 

The end results speak for itself. 

What mother wouldn’t want this in their jewelry box? 

If you are interested in purchasing one for yourself, you can do so here. This is one piece of jewelry you will always be proud to wear. 

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H/T: Tasarim Takarim

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