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Guild Wars 2’s next episode focuses on small stories over big challenges

While it’s standard practice for an MMO’s world and story to evolve through regular updates, no developer goes quite so far as ArenaNet does with Guild Wars 2. The studio frequently releases new episodes of its Living World Seasons that have enough content in them to fill a whole expansion. Each chapter introduces new areas, items, instances, and moves along the Guild Wars story. The newest offering, A Star to Guide Us (Season 4 Episode 4), is no exception.
It starts with you and your allies seeking out the friendly dragon Aurene for help against the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik. But first, we’re to investigate the Sunspeak Sanctuary with old friend Koss, and on the way have to delve into the ruins of The Command Post from the first Guild Wars. Since it was last seen, the Post has been overrun by a horde of giant spiders and their monstrous broodmother.
MMO players are no stranger to giant spiders, so this isn’t a particularly memorable fight, but it’s surprisingly fun nonetheless. The broodmother carries the party back and forth across the map while NPCs make wisecracks. Once you defeat the broodmother, you unlock a new personal instance called Sun’s Refuge, which can be upgraded by completing tasks in the open world.

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