Top 5 Best Traditional Chinese Herbal Remedies To Use

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There are a wide array of minerals, herbs, and natural products used in traditional Chinese medicine. Even though the number of Chinese herbs in widespread use in the United States is much smaller than in China, it can still be hard to know which specific herbs you need to use.

Fortunately, in this article we’re going to simplify things for you by discussing the top five best Chinese herbal remedies to use and how they can help cure any serious illnesses or ailments you have been having.

Here are the top five best traditional Chinese herbal remedies to use, presented in alphabetical order:


Alisma is designed to strengthen water metabolism in your body. Subsequently, it is an excellent Chinese herb to use if you want to cut down on weight or lower obesity. It can also be an excellent herb to use for those who suffer from diabetes or who have urination problems.


If you’re looking for a Chinese herb that can boost your immune system, then Astragalus is the herb you’re looking for. Beyond treating your immune system, Astragalus can also help you feel more energetic, and cure dizziness, hypertension, headaches, and insomnia.


Ephedra is one of the most common herbs used by Chinese practitioners, and it is most often used to lower sweating or as a treatment for asthma. Ephedra is commonly sold in the United States at convenience stores and shopping marts.

As a stimulant, Ephedra can help you if you have been feeling restless or have had difficulty sleeping. As a warning, however, Ephedra is best used as a short term solution rather than a long term one. For example, it can help lower your fatigue, but if you use it over the long term it can also help to accelerate the energy deficiency that you have been feeling.


Licorice is without question the most widely used Chinese herb. One reason for its mass appeal is because of its sweet taste that is incredibly similar to sugar.

But the main benefit of Licorice is not just because of the benefits that it provides itself, but because it can help other Chinese herbs you take to work even better. On its own, Licorice is excellent for reducing hypertension and decreasing sodium excretion.

Ren Shen

The last Chinese herbal remedy that we will discuss is Ren Shen, and it is also highly popular in the United States, though not quite as much as Licorice. Ren Shen is popular because it can provide a boost of badly needed energy to the body and thereby help lower fatigue levels, and it can also help to enhance the immune system as well.

Traditional Chinese Herbs

Traditional Chinese herbs can be the solution you’re looking for if you’re suffering from any number of pains or illnesses, and the five specific herbs that we have just discussed here are the primary ones that you should focus your attention on for help.

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