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Is Personal & Spiritual Growth a Waste of Time?

“There is a positive answer only when the individual is willing to fulfill the demands of rigorous self-examination and self-knowledge. If he follows through his intention, he will not only discover some important truth about himself, but will have gained a psychological advantage. He will set his hand, as it were, to a declaration of his own human dignity and taken the first step towards the foundation of his consciousness “- Carl Jung

What do you have better to do then invest in yourself?

Watch sports?
Go shopping?
Waste time on the internet?

I believe Personal growth deals mainly with physical things in reality while spiritual growth deals more with the mind, energy, conscious attention and emotional facets of life. Both are needed in my opinion to keep you vigilant in this reality.

Some people enter personal growth because they feel they are not enough while others enter personal growth because they want to improve themselves in one area or another. If you are feeling like you are not enough then no amount of personal growth will fix that because you are operating from a flawed premise.

Self-worth is when you know you already have everything you need and that you are the person you’ve been waiting for. Sure we are flawed in some ways, but that doesn’t mean there is something inherently wrong with us.

How did we come to this conclusion? Who gets the final say in that conclusion? Usually some authority figure that is trying to control us by attacking our self-worth. Keep this in mind whenever anyone is attacking your sense of self. They are covertly trying to control you.

The goal in life is not to become who you are, but to accept who you are is enough. No matter your age, race, religion, income bracket, geographic location, sex or sexual orientation, you are enough, and if you allow yourself, without sabotaging yourself in negative ways, you will grow into your full, natural, authentic, real self.

It all starts with the individual, if you don’t accept yourself, if you are negative towards yourself, it will spread outwards to others, and next thing you know, we have a planet full of people who believe they are not enough and will never live up to their full potential.

When people don’t feel good about themselves they tend to be what we call “problem people.” The key here is to get humanity back into alignment with their true, authentic nature and they rest will take care of itself.

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Mark Passion Street Wise Spiritualty

Mark Passio presents a 7 hour lecture discussing street smart spirituality. Many people mix up religion with spirituality, but they are not the same because one deals with the whole brain while the other deals with just the left brain.

Mark Passio hails from the mean streets of Philadelphia and in this lecture he discusses Natural Law, the real law that holds us bound in physical reality.

I began studying spirituality back in 2000 and had a general base knowledge of it, but after listening to Mark’s lecture about Natural Law, and studying it more on my own, I began to get a better understanding of how Natural Law works. Below are some key points from the lecture.

Mark states alignment of thoughts, emotions, and actions: As you think, so you feel, so you act = the trinity. The three are one, as you think, so you feel and so you behave.

The True Self (Who we are under the mask we wear)

Worldview reflects the understanding that there is no real separation between self and others
Does not exist in mental schism or Ego-identification
Seeks to break down institutionalized belief systems that hold back the progress of consciousness
Concerned with the alleviation of suffering for all beings
Understands Natural Law
Works towards freedom for self and others

The False Self (Ego/Flesh entrenched in illusion)

Does not understand or respect the self-ownership and sovereignty of all beings
Does not understand Natural Law and lives in opposition with it due to ignorance
Lives in dualism (perpetual contradiction between thought, emotion and action
Cannot even envision true Freedom; seeks only to control, {more and more of it}
Completely unconcerned with the suffering of others {even their own}; thinks only about the self {Little me}
Believes everything separate, nothing is connected

Nature or Conditioning (Garbage in – Garbage Out) (Quality in – Quality Out)

(Mark states humans are not computers, only we are similar to a computer in that we can be programmed) [The culture system we are living in has created mind viruses, infected operating systems and bad mental/buggy coding, as well as defective hard drives.]

Human beings are PROGRAMMABLE much like computers. Like a computer, if a human being has had a bad “hard drive format” (conditions during a child’s format{ive} years), a bad operating system (culture), and bad “software programs” (erroneous, rigid and dogmatic beliefs), their “output” (behavior) onto the “screen” (life) will also be bad, and will contribute to deteriorating conditions on a mass scale. Like a computer, the behavior of a human being will largely depend upon its programming (the quality of the information put into it, which enables it to process and create efficiently.

Natural Law, Also Known As:

Law of Cause & Effect – “Effect invariably follows cause.” “For every action, there exists and equal and opposite reaction.”


Law of Attraction – “The energy you emit is the energy you attract.” “Energy flows where attention goes.” “As you think, feel, and act – so you shall be.”



Karma or Moral Law – “You reap what you sow.”


Golden Rule – “Do unto others as you would have done to yourself.”


Right vs Wrong



Based in Truth

Not Based in Truth

In Harmony with Natural Law

In Opposition to Natural Law
Actions Based in it do not result

In harm to others
Actions based in it result in

harm to others


Natural Law Transgressions – Wrong (Harmful) Actions

(Murder, Assault, Rape, Theft, Trespass, Coercion)

Every harmful action that a human being is capable of taking is a form of THEFT. Some form of PROPERTY is always being stolen when a wrong doing is being committed. Life, Rights, and Freedom are all forms of Property.

Knowing Rights

Natural Law always holds true regardless of a populations belief systems. This means that it does not matter how many people agree that a “Wrong can be turned into a Right,” or that “a Right can be turned into a Wrong.” Such things can never be done in reality. People can only believe that they can claim such reversals and that this will magically make it so.

Unfortunately, most human beings erroneously believe that it is morally possible for them to “create” and “delegate” “Rights” which do NOT exist or to take away Rights which DO actually exist.

(Just look at the prohibition era. Alcohol was considered acceptable, and then it wasn’t, and finally acceptable again – moral relativism.)

Law of Freedom

Freedom and Morality are Directly Proportional

True freedom CAN NEVER exist in a society that embraces Moral Relativism (the idea that there is no objective difference between a Right and Wrong, so human beings may arbitrarily “create” or “decide” Right and Wrong for themselves).

Defensive Force is Not Violence – It is a Right

Human Beings possess the natural right to defend themselves from violence with defensive physical force. A person who is accosted by violence possesses a right to stop those who are conducting the violence from continuing to do harm to them, with any amount of force necessary to stop the aggression, up to, and including deadly force.

(Mark makes a point that you may not use deadly force when it comes to defending your material possessions.)

What Does This Mean for Man’s Law?

If a particular man-made law is in harmony with Natural Law, then it follows logically that it is redundant, since it is stating a truth that is inherent, pre-existing and self-evident. Therefore it is both irrelevant and unnecessary.

If a particular man-made law is in Opposition to Natural Law, then it follows logically that it is both False (Incorrect) and Immoral (Harmful), or in other words, WRONG. Therefore it cannot be legitimately binding upon anyone.

Equality under Natural Law

Everyone has the exact same Rights. No one has any more or less Rights than anyone else. Also, since Rights are not created by humanity, and since they are the birth-right of humanity, gifted to us by the Creator of the Universe, no human-being or group of human-beings is actually “capable” of granting “Rights” to anyone else, nor is any human-being capable of “revoking” Rights from anyone else.

>>>Watch the Full video here

Spiritual Growth & Natural Law

We live in two worlds. One based on man-made laws and the other on real Natural Law. Man’s laws are more or less rules and are not absolute in nature. How many guilty people are on the streets and how many innocent are behind bars? The numbers are staggering.

Man-made laws are flawed by nature and can be enforced or not. Natural Laws are absolute and cannot be broken, bent, or hindered.

Natural Law would be about nature itself and man-made law would be more like the Matrix of Reality that we live in. Things like government, military, police, education system, stocks and bonds, sports, electronics, paved roads, musical instruments, writing, grammar, festivals, beer, wars, slavery, greed, agriculture, astronomy and so on are all created by man and therefore part of the man-made matrix.

Have you ever seen the movie: The Village? The movie is about a group of adults who’ve had enough of living in the man-made matrix with all the crime, lying, pettiness and so on and they decide to build a secluded village in protected forests of Pennsylvania. One of the Village creators was extremely wealthy and funded the whole thing.

The adults in the Village knew they created this artificial reality matrix; however the Children of the Adult’s that were born in the Village had no idea, and therefore believed this was the only reality that existed. Little did they know that a whole other reality existed beyond the borders of the village in which no one was allowed to explore.

We live in a reality matrix as well, and we did not create it, nor do we have control of it either. Who controls our reality matrix; perhaps I will explore that in another blog post.

I got off track there for a second, now back to Natural Law.

One of the Laws that many of you are familiar with is the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is an energetic principle and I’ll explain it in the simplest way I can. Law of Attraction works based on the energy you are emitting.

An example would be: Have you ever been driving and in a rush to get somewhere fast? What happens? You get stuck behind a slow driver, there’s an accident on the highway, and you hit every red light you come across. Basically The Law of Attraction states that what you put out is what you get back or you attract as your reality.

The strong feeling you are broadcasting is exactly what you’ll attract. Don’t you think that being chronically stressed will create an undesirable outcome? What do you think would happen if you used your thoughts to relax a bit, what would happen if you could learn breathing techniques to calm you down would create? What would happen if you quit sugar, alcohol, drugs, processed foods, soy, corn, and replaced it with grass fed animal products, organic everything, healthy fats, nuts, berries etc.?

You would experience a positive energy shift. Your mind would become clearer, your energy will explode, your creativity will flourish, and your moods will improve because your sleep will improve.

What I just talked about is what I mean by spiritual growth. Spirit = Energy – Your energy.

Too many people get this image stuck in their head that spirituality equates to being a pushover, someone who forgives everyone and everything all the time while sitting cross legged while chanting mystical hymns.

Spiritual growth is about empowering yourself, it’s about making you stronger mentally and physically. Most illnesses are initially created by chronic, negative thoughts and many of those thoughts materialized through negative experiences that were not processed by the body so they get stuck in the body which later creates illnesses and disease – I’m talking about illnesses like digestive issues, sleep disorders, and body aches and pains.

Change is affected through our subconscious mind and imagination. It begins with changing the inner aspects of our thinking. We know, from experience, that an outward change will come after we change from within.


Self-correct yourself through reflection by seeing what you did wrong; similar to when a quarterback throws an interception in a game, the first thing he does is check the replay footage to see where the mistake was. He checks to see if the receiver ran the wrong route? Or did a lineman miss his blocking assignment or what type of defense was the opponent playing?

This is what we need to do in personal growth so we can become sharpened versions of ourselves. We need to self-reflect every day and see ourselves as we are so we can then become who we would prefer to be. I know I said earlier there is nothing wrong with us inherently, but at the same time we could all use more tactful ways of dealing with people and challenging life situations.

Examples would be:

Going from being chronically worried to becoming more faithful of life
Going from being an angry person to a person who accepts reality and makes changes when they are able to
Going from a miserable being to a content being
Going from allowing people to dump their responsibilities on you without compensation to saying NO!
Going from waking up at the crack of noon to waking up at six am daily

The exciting thing about personal growth is that you can be flexible with your ideas. If you make a change and you don’t like the results, you can always go back if necessary.

Is Personal and Spiritual Growth a Waste of Time

Personal and Spiritual growth is not a waste of time because for every individual that grows, expands, and learns Universal Law, can have a positive ripple effect on humanity. Yes we are individuals; however we are all connected energetically. The One is the all and the all are the one – It’s a team effort!

Any improvement you make in yourself has a positive “wavelength effect” on humanity. Please never stop working on yourself, never stop opening your heart to yourself, never stop being kind, loving, considerate, never stop giving up self-defeating habits, never stop, never stop, never stop.

And always remember to accept yourself as you are while knowing there is room for improvement.

I’ve been at this personal and spiritual growth thing for over two decades and I still have a long way to go. It doesn’t matter to me. I remember many years ago watching an interview with Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto about making sushi. If memory recalls correctly, Iron Chef Morimoto has been perfecting the Art of Sushi for over thirty years, when asked what it’s like to be a master at sushi, Morimoto replied, “I don’t know, I’m still learning.”

The point is don’t give up because we’re all still learning the art of being human regardless of how long it takes.

Being Awake

“When did the world go to sleep? And is it waking up? It has been always asleep. Only a few individuals in the whole history of man have been awakened. Their names can be counted on the ten fingers, not more than that.” – Osho

You’ve probably heard the expression of Being Awake, Red-Pilled or the Awakening Process. These are terms to describe mankind’s newfound abilities that are being stirred up from within. Being Awake means you’re not asleep, even if your eyes are open. Being Awake means you bring your full conscious self that is acquiring more knowledge every day to your woken state of being. Being awake means you understand there is more to this reality than meets the eye.

Over the past decade more people are having prophetic dreams, more people are becoming more psychic or more intuitive and more people are realizing there is more to this reality than we are being told.

In addition, many are growing weary of the 9 to 5 grind, draining relationships with narcissists, never ending war on something, cognitive dissonance, perpetual debt, crime, being lied to, and the high cost of things. More people are becoming interested in topics like symbolism, the occult, extraterrestrials, cryptozoology, astrology, ancient history, self-healing, spirituality and personal growth.

And many more are beginning to ask these questions:

Who am I
How did I get here
Where am I going
What am I supposed to do while I’m here

Money is Good – Greed is Not Good

I wish that everyone on the planet had enough money to have and be all that they desire. Money is good, greed is not.

One way to have financial abundance is to free yourself from the limitations that have been placed upon yourself by using your Law of Attraction skills.

There are trillions of dollars moving around in cyberspace daily and there is nothing other than your self-limiting beliefs stopping you from having some of it. Money doesn’t discriminate and it will come to you just as easily as it will to anyone else on the planet that desires to have some.

The number one obstacle that stops us from having what we desire is our inner-resistance. We say we want more money, yet we aren’t willing to do the things that would allow us to have more money. We say we want to lose weight, yet we aren’t making any changes to our eating and exercising habits.

Remove the resistance to getting what you want! But How do You Do That – Right?

Changing Your Blueprint

Many of my readers ask me what books I’m currently reading and what personal development programs I am using now. One of the great perks of being a personal growth blogger is that I am often given free programs and books. There was one affiliate who would not give me a free copy; however, I’ve wanted to try one or more of his programs for years.

Most self-improvement programs are really good, but over the years I found out that no change will happen to you until you change your subconscious blueprint.

I am an affiliate for Dr. Robert Anthony, the top Law of Attraction teacher out there. I recently bought his program: Deliberate Creation Instant Self-Hypnosis to get access to my subconscious and change parts of my blueprint.

(I’m still on my first week of Deliberate Creation Instant Self-Hypnosis, so later on I will definitely write about my experience using it.)

We all have a blueprint and we all can change it at any given time. Look at your life blueprint as a guide to how you want your life to be. If you have a solid blueprint you probably don’t have unhealthy eating habits, you have solid relationships, your health is good, and you have rewarding ways to earn money that is in alignment with your higher purpose.

If you are not where you want to be in any or all of the areas above then you need to rewrite your blueprint.

The Gap

The Gap of where you are to where you want to be. That is where you are living right now in at least one area of your life. The best part about life is enjoying closing the gap of where you are to where you want to be otherwise known as reaching your goals.

In order to get to where we want to be we must start with the inside out approach. This means we can’t be in a negative state of mind and hope to reach our goals, it doesn’t work this way because Quantum Physics won’t allow it.

If we focus on problems we get more problems, whatever you focus your attention on grows in power and size and that is why it’s important to focus on things that you’re grateful for instead of things that are causing you pain.

This doesn’t mean you ignore things that you may have to deal with that you don’t want to, it means by being in a better mood, a more resourceful mental state that your once difficult challenges will be met by a version of you that is more able to deal with them.

The key is to get to a better feeling thought, to get yourself in a good mental place and then, life magically unfolds better than we could have imagined. I know the outer world looks like a mess in a lot of places, but here is the simple truth; we cannot influence the world into a better place if we are not first in a better place.

Once again because it bears repeating, we must create a positive mental state of mind first before we can manifest a positive outcome into the world. A negative, fearsome mind will only create more of the same.

Remember, you are an eternal being, time is an illusion, albeit a persistent one, and you are connected to The All There Is, The Creator, The Universe, God, and so start acting like it and let your positive personal power be a beacon of light in this dark, dense, world.

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