My Bloody Valentine Review

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My Bloody Valentine Review:
This movie is a remake of the hit cult classic original. Three things I’ll be answering: acting, plot, and is it a good remake?

The acting in this film is alright. There’s a guy from Supernatural who’s at time really good and at times bad. The supporting cast is filled with top notch smaller actors. For the plot, I loved the small town feel of this movie and it’s lore sucked me in.

The villain, Harry the miner, has a great costume and great kills. I will say that this movie tries to be too violent, but this does not bring it down.

Is it a good remake? Yes and no. Halloween’s remake brought a new idea to the table and divided fans on which was better. This just has a good plot and enjoyable gore. It builds nothing whatsoever and does not try anything. It will never be better than the original but it lives up to expectations. A solid 4/5 stars for me! @lionsgatehorror @lionsgatemovies #horror #movie #movies #mybloodyvalentine #mybloodyvalentine3d #horrormovie #horrormovies #killer #kill #gore #moviereviews #moviereview #2015 #2016

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