Wolf Creek 2 Review

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Wolf Creek 2 Review:
As you all know, this is one of my favorite horror movies. I think it represents what the saga can be if it has a good enough idea and direction. First off, John Jarratt is just amazing as Mike Taylor. He’s scary and funny as a modern horror icon.

I liked how the plot was more fluid and unpredictable. As in, you’ll be tricked into thinking one person is the final girl, but then she does and another “bloke” comes along. Yeah, I just made that joke, let me have this moment will ya.

Another thing is that it’s got the brutal gore from the first but has more reason to show madness in this one. In the first movie, the camera shots were iffy and took away from the film. That, however, is not just fixed but improved upon with some great cinematography.

I also liked how the mainish protagonist was a likeable guy and you wanted him to live, unlike some of the underdeveloped characters in the previous film. Overall, I loved this film and it’s definitely better than the first. 4/5 stars. #johnjarratt #wolfcreek #wolfcreek2 #horror #horrorfan #moviereview #batman #superman #wonderwomen #ironman #captainamerica #blackwidow #movie #movies #moviereviews #micharlmyers #halloween #nightmareonelmstreet #freddykrueger #texaschainsawmassacre #leatherface #fridaythe13th #jadonvoorhees #miketaylor

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