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Tesla Model 3 Delivered With Three White Door Inserts – And One Brown

Tesla’s hit-and-miss quality control is just as infamous as the company’s missed production goals and Elon Musk’s Twitter shenanigans. This latest incident, though, is kinda funny.

A Tesla customer recently had their Model 3 Performance delivered with a glistening white paint scheme and complete with white interior trimmings. There was only one problem; one of the door panels wasn’t white. Yes, this really happened.

The Model 3 set back the customer a massive $78,000 and had three of its doors complete with a white section, except for the rear passenger side door which sports brown trim. Somehow, no one at Tesla’s factory noticed the embarrassing error, which doesn’t exactly flatter their quality control division.

What’s more, no one at the delivery center noticed either and they happily handed over the keys to the owner with the glaring fault.

Make no mistake; this is a hugely embarrassing error. Tesla’s focus on radically upping production of the Model 3 is commendable, but if it wants to be in the business for the long run this can’t be done at the expense of quality.

It’s unclear if Tesla has been contacted directly about the issue ,but if it hasn’t someone at the company will inevitably come across the social media posting about the error and hopefully get in contact with the owner and arrange a new door panel to be fitted.

Or maybe Musk himself will take to Twitter and either bash the Press for bringing this tiny mistake into focus, or apologize to the customer. Or both. With Musk, as with Tesla’s quality control, you can never be certain.

@nick_thesun are you interested in this – colleague of husband’s brand new $78,000 dollar Tesla Model 3- in a gleaming interior of whiteness, 3 white door pads and, um one brown one. Nobody had noticed

— Angela Dowden (@DietWrite) August 15, 2018

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