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Today I Love Saturday Chores

lawn and cup of coffeeThe lawn wants cutting, but … there is coffee.

Today I love Saturday chores that put me in mind of being a youngster and a teenager. I love that I’ve been so busy these last four weeks and that now the things I have to do today are more like those good old Saturday morning chores. I love that we have a full weekend ahead of us but that some of the things on the list are play Mahjong, and read, and kayak, and other such enjoyable tasks once the more chore like things are accomplished. I love how much a part of my life the water around here is. I love being on it and in it, though it’s a bit chilly for swimming this weekend. I love that I will be swimming in the bay again before this year is over. I love that, though I’m trying not to think about it, curling will be coming up soon and I’m getting a little excited for that. I love that my life just circles from good to good to good all the time. I love that I have no time to grumble or complain about weather or things ending, especially since those things all seem to be cyclical and it’s just as easy and far less negative to look forward to their return than to whine about their loss.

Today I love the sound of lawn mowers and the smell of newly mown grass. I love that cutting the lawn is on my list of chores today. I love that my spell checker was trying to tell me that “mown” is not a word. I love words that have an older, vintage feel to them, mown and shorn and whither and wouldst and so many more. Ha! My Spell checker also balked at “shorn.” I love words that lie on the borders of people’s memories and sing out quietly  that, “Yes, yes actually I am a real word though my meaning is so specific that you might not hear me for weeks or months or even years on end.” I love that my mind just wondered if there was maybe a word for such words as those?

Today I love breakfast at the Farmers’ Market and that is checked off my list already. I love that we had dinner out last night and that our friend Jimmy, the chef at Oregano Bistro, fed us so well that there is enough food left over for lunch today. I love that the open mic was a bit quiet but still lots of fun yesterday. I love that I get to work at things I love doing.

Today I love lingering over my coffee while I get myself ready to do all the things.


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