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Today I Love That Pounding Rain

my raincoat and my backpack's raincoatEverybody needs a raincoat

Today I love that pounding rain that I woke up to at six AM. I love how close and small the world feels when the rain falls hard on dry needy earth and you can see the water pooling on the streets and sidewalks and flagstone paths, and you can almost hear the thirsty ground soaking up the moisture thankfully. I love that both I and my backpack have raincoats.  I love that my hair is braided and feeling neat and tight and I don’t have the usual wild man look going on. I love that today is our last day of work before holidays start although we do have workish things to do still on Thursday and Friday. I love that I get to spend my last day of work before my holidays in my Wednesday office. I love that I will get to work from the cottage next week. I love that I am able to work and still feel like I’m on holidays, it’s a trick of the mind that I’ve managed to cultivate and I’m pretty damned good at it. I love that the word “holidays” triggers a happy emotional reaction in me, and that’s part of how I can work while on holidays. I love that I’m excited about going on holidays, looking forward to spending some time kayaking on our bay and having family and company hanging out.

Today I love that I have cooking plans for tomorrow and they involve birthday cake. I love that I also have cooking plans for Friday that involve birthday pie … sort of. I love that I have a few plans for doing things at the cottage and they include the possibility of creating a pergola on the deck near the water that might double as a stage. I love that there are opportunities to make things more convenient there and that is always fun when I succeed at making things better. I love that the water is to the point where I can throw myself into it from the end of the dock without first wading in slowly to get used to the water. I love that it is still not really warm because it’s refreshing when it’s cool.

Today I love that there is still rhubarb growing and that means there is still the opportunity for rhubarb custard pie. I love that I am old but still crazy enough to be young at heart and in action and word. I love that no one is more surprised than I am by my actual age. I love that I am now considering chronology to be one of the mystic arts, the way time moves forward relentlessly and seemingly at a steady rate but can be observed to have gone faster or slower in retrospect screams mystery and magic to me.

Today I love drinking coffee in my Wednesday office while my raincoats dry beside me.

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