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5 Social Skills Which Will Help with Your Career Advancement

It’s obvious that being an expert in any business niche you choose is a definite must. But, it’s far from what you need in order to make progress and climb up the corporate ladder. Although some people are just born with natural charisma, others need to invest some serious work into learning how to build healthy relationships with their colleagues.

That being said, I’d like to list six different areas every aspiring businessman and woman should work on, because each of them will help with a certain part of your professional progress.

You Should Manifest Aspirations

Wanting to be successful is quite different than working on it – we all want to have lots of money, right? However, if you want your boss to notice that you’re hungry for advancement, you need to showcase a desire towards having goals and achieving them accordingly.

Therefore, set a realistic timeline for the future, talk it out with your boss, and divide those goals into small tasks, so that you actually do something for your career each day. This kind of, let’s call it, manifestation of aspiration will present you in the right light and your boss will find you reliable.

Try to Be Attentive in a Professional Manner

Now, this one can be challenging, especially if social norms are distant to you. Many people don’t understand the difference between having a professional relationship with their colleagues, and crossing those borders by being too pushy.

What you should do is to get to know everyone on a first name basis. Be polite to everyone working in the building and show generosity when there’s a chance for that – like for birthdays. I know you must have at least one colleague that goes too far with this and gets “the world’s best boss” mug. I’m sure that you’ll agree that that’s not very tasteful.

So, you need to find a balance here, and I think a dose of humor can always help you with this – instead of trying to make your boss like you no matter what, you should find a funny gift for your boss and the whole office can have a few laughs about it.

Devotion Is an Important Feature

For many people, their career is not a priority – it’s just something that enables them to pay the bills. Although I know you’d prefer sitting in the comfort of your own home and relaxing by turning on your favorite TV show, I think you should reconsider and do some work overtime.

By investing your free time in the company you work for, you become an important part of your team who actually thinks about the future of your office. Therefore, when there’s a necessity for working long hours, my suggestion is to definitely do it.

Use Criticism to Your Advantage

Making mistakes is only human and, although you did your best not to stand out in that kind of negative contest, it’s not impossible for those situations to occur. Naturally, when a mistake happens, there will be an unpleasant consequence of talking things out with your superiors.

It’s very difficult not to take this criticism personally, but it’s quite a necessity for you to develop thick skin when it comes to this and divide your personal life from your professional life. And, there’s a different perspective you should adopt here – by knowing what you’re doing wrong, you actually have very useful data on your hands and you can use that knowledge to upgrade yourself.

Adopt and Encourage Team Spirit

The time when each individual in an office builds their own way towards success is long gone – there’s not a single business in the world that will appreciate selfishness. What is important to business leaders is team spirit and the people who are ready to work hard in order to help out everyone in the office by being selfless with all the skills they have at their disposal.

All of these suggestions together make a picture of an ideal employee. Sure, it will require some serious time for you to develop all those social skills properly, but if you have them in mind each day, and you use every opportunity that’s given to you to grow professionally, I’m sure you’ll see the first results in no time.