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5 Ways To Improve Employee Engagement on Your Intranet

Intranets have become hugely advanced in today’s world, and much of that plays a crucial role in employee engagement in an organization. The modern Intranet has changed the way employees engage with each other, with the organization and to the clients. An intelligent intranet is now one of the backbones in any digital workplace.

Modern social intranet software has changed everything in a better way, the advancements in intranet have made it easier for employees to engage in a much better way. The bad interfaces have been replaced with highly engaging user interfaces. The modern intranet is here to stay and make organizational operations even better, productive and effective.
The intranets in organizations today aren’t much different from the modern social networks that are used for family and friends. In fact, the most famous social networks have introduced the business versions of their services to help organizations improve employee engagement with increased transparency as well.

Intranets are most effective when they are used in a way that offers the most transparency, it’s better to start from the top when it comes to intranets. Engaging with employees is the best way to encourage them to give their best in organizational benefits.
Most top management doesn’t realize the importance of effective employee engagement. Employees usually want to feel respected and valued and there is no better way to make it happen, use your intranet to engage with employees so that they feel they are on the same level as you.
It will also open up a communication channel and will ensure that your employee feels free to come up to you. Employees who are engaged with the management and peers are much productive than other employees. Intranet will make your life easier and it already has for so many businesses.

Here are few of the ways that intranet can make your employee engagement much more productive and improvement.

1. Keep things simple
A modern intranet is great when it comes to customization and tweaking, you can configure it the way to want. It gives you ease to make your very personalized social community which suits the needs of your organization much better.

The flexibility in modern intranets can be great but some people may use it for negativity as well. Creating social communities that are difficult to navigate can be a bit troubling. The complexity of the modern intranet can be challenging on various levels. The most effective way of handling this is to keep things as simple as possible.

Employees should be given the intranet which is easy to use and keeps things simple to avoid any confusions and complexities. Complex ideas should be broken into simple tools that focus on the substance more than anything. If you are mindful your employee engagement can turn very productive with the social intranet.

2. Send out an employee satisfaction survey
Employee satisfaction surveys can help you a lot in implementing the best intranet for employee engagement. The general sense of surveys being useless in the modern world can discourage you from conducting one. Because conducting a satisfaction survey is really important for keeping your employees interested and making them feel that their opinions matter.
However, you have to be specific and keep surveys to the point. Time-consuming surveys will only make employees frustrated so it is very important that you are using specific questions with simple choices for answers. It will also help you to determine if your employees enjoy interacting with the management and peers.

3. Training sessions
It is very important that you train your employees are trained to use the intranet that you are providing. Training sessions are a great help when it comes to training your employees on using the intranet tools effectively. These sessions can be really fruitful because no one will be able to make the excuse of their own mistake for the complexity of the tool.
You have to make sure that after verbal training you send out written notes of the training to all the employees. It will make sure that everyone is well informed about the intranet. Also, always encourage employees to ask questions if anything is unclear regarding the training.

4. Communicate goals
The goal of the intranet is to create effective engagement channels between employees, organization, and clients. It is really important to communicate the goals of an intranet with your employees. It will inform employees what to expect from the implementation and use of intranet.

5. Use intranet for occasional entertainment
No matter how interactive your intranet is, it can become challenging sometimes to use your intranet for entertainment. Create a topic that will increase the chances of your employees to engage with you and their peers. You can ask which movie should be watched next in the office or you can ask employees for their suggestions for upcoming office dinner. This will ensure that your employees use intranet effectively and are engaged with it.