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Why GRE Test Breaks Are So Important

Very few test takers understand how to utilize their break time, and they often end up neglecting it. A good GRE tutor will advise and recommend taking breaks during the GRE test sessions for a variety of reasons.

On the test day, the test taker is given an option to have two breaks: One is a 1-minute break after the essay test while the other is a 10-minute break after two test sessions.

A GRE tutor knows that learning how to use these breaks effectively is as important as preparing for the test itself. One of the main reasons why these breaks are available is that test takers need to give their brain a rest.

This is especially true when things are not going well with the test, though they are still useful when one feels they are doing well. Below are reasons why GRE breaks are so important.

To Give The Brain Some Rest

Considering how hectic the GRE is, under any circumstances, it is necessary to provide the brain with some respite. The GRE test is very grueling to the mind, and just like any other body part during a workout, a few minutes of rest can enable one to better prepare to jump back in.

These breaks are an opportunity for the test taker to take deep breaths, drink some water, or even visit the restroom – basically just to focus on something other than the GRE. Ignoring these breaks can result in overstressing the brain, which is a bad idea.

Opportunity To Get Some Refreshments

GRE breaks are also an opportunity for the test taker to have some snacks such as coffee, chocolate, or some fruit juice. This is the perfect time to refresh and re-energize the brain to avoid the sleepy feeling that comes during the final sessions of the test.

Fruits and some chocolate are also a great source of an instant energy boost to keep one going during the exam. Keep yourself hydrated with water or fruit juice to help keep your concentration levels steady during the final sessions.

Getting some refreshments during the GRE breaks is also a way of distracting the brain from concentrating on how the previous sessions were and possibly getting anxious.

Breaks Help Keep Track of Time

GRE breaks are the perfect moment to plan on how to utilize time during the next test sessions. One should not reflect on how miserable they have been so far on the test but should focus on the sessions ahead and try to figure out how to do their very best.

The next sessions are probably more or less challenging, and the test taker should take this opportunity to concentrate on those sessions and strategize.

Breaks Are Important

In conclusion, it is advisable to take the GRE break as a test taker, especially if one is having trouble with specific scores.

Taking too many tests frequently can result in overstressing the brain, which is a bad idea considering a clear and stress-free mind is needed for optimum performance on the GRE test.

A GRE break helps prevent burnouts and rebuilds the brain’s ability to work, focus on complex tasks, and also gives time to consolidate memory.

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