4 Things You Aren’t Prepared for This Year, And What to Do to Prepare

Be prepared. The motto of girl and boy scouts around the world is a pocketful of sense that continues to apply, no matter one’s age. So why do we always put off preparations to the last minute? It might have to do with overconfidence in oneself or one’s finances. Or, in the case of accidents, we think it will not happen to us. But the fallout for forgetting and putting off these tasks can escalate to dangerous proportions. If you are guilty of procrastinating and putting things off to the last minute, here are 4 things that you should make plans for this year.

  1. Accidents.

It may seem dark to plan for an accident, but the alternative is worse. Not having insurance or a list of emergency contacts for your friends and family to call in case of an accident. And accidents do happen. Stats for getting injured in a car accident in the Toronto area have reached its highest level in five years, with pedestrians taking the brunt.

Prepare by having a list of emergency contacts in your car and circulated within your family. This list should include your family doctor, insurance phone number, and lawyer, along with close relatives.

  1. Summer heat.

You would think that with each year that passes, we would better prepare ourselves and our houses to handle the summer heat. But as soon as the summer is over, we forget the sticky days we suffered through. And when summer rolls into town the following year, we again feel unprepared for the hotness it brings.

Planting a tree to shade your house is a move that requires planning, but the payoff is worth it in terms of money saved and the cool it will bring. Other ways to prepare for summer heat that will pay off in the long run include the following:

  • Install ceiling fans.
  • Update or install insulation in your attic.
  • Grow vines against your windows, or hang blinds or awnings.
  • Purchase rotating portable fans.
  1. Family and friends’ birthdays

Do you get social media alerts when it’s a friend’s birthday? Even if you do, that might not be time enough to get a gift for that close friend or family member. For those family members who keep track of the times you forget important dates and gift giving occasions, you need a plan.

Set up a Google or other calendar alert that will notify you a week prior to the birthday in question. Or however long it will take you to decide on a birthday gift. And then set up the notification to repeat every year. Whenever a good birthday gift idea crosses your mind, add it to your notification alert system. That way you not only get alerts, you get birthday gift ideas too.

  1. End of year holidays

However you spend your end of year holidays, most people will agree that they can be a source of stress and overspending. The key to overcoming both stress and overspending is planning. Write out a list of all your usual suspects when it comes to your holiday worries and develop a plan that will help you be prepared for each.

For example, you can start a Christmas gift-giving list from June, and get all your shopping done months ahead of the date. If you have parties that you must host, and you know that menu planning stresses you out, find ways to outsource or delegate as needed. If sticking to your diet is a concern during the holidays, do your research now on a diet plan that you can stick with while still enjoying yourself.

Procrastination is often the result of thinking events are farther off in the future than they actually are. You can combat that thinking by calculating how many days are left until summer, Christmas, or someone’s birthday. Then start to prepare accordingly.

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