How Does GPS Work to Trace Your Stolen Car with the Help of Cell Phone Technology?

What is GPS tracking?

GPS stands for Global Positioning System, which is a form of technology used to track the location of moving and movable objects in which this technology is installed. For e.g. cars and mobile phones. GPS uses the Global navigation satellite system to trace the exact location of the object in question at any given time.

It is actually a group of satellites which catch the signals transmitted from a GPS transmitter and forwards those signals to the receivers. A GPS tracker enables the user to learn many things about the thing that you are trying to trace. For e.g. if you are looking for your car, the GPS tracker can tell you it’s exact location and if it is in movement, you can also know the speed at which the car is travelling.

The working of a GPS unit in a car is much like the pre-installed GPS in your mobile phone. The GPS acts as a phone locator in case of your incase your device has been lost or stolen. There are many apps available in the virtual market that make use of the inbuilt GPS of the cell phone to track its exact location.

Mspy as a phone locator

One of the best apps to locate a cell phone is the mSpy app which needs to be downloaded and installed on the device you need to track and trace. It is very simple to do so and, once it is done, it provides accurate and reliable location of the device in case it gets lost or stolen. This can work as a quick and cost-effective solution.

How similar is the GPS tracker for a cell phone to the GPS in a car?

When it comes to tracking vehicles, there are two types of tracking that can be done. One is the passive tracking, where the tracking data is stored on a device in the vehicle, which needs to be removed and the data downloaded elsewhere before it can be analyzed. The other type is active tracking, which is done by using devices that receive data, but the data can be viewed on a cell phone in real time, just like we can view the location of a lost or stolen phone in real time with the help of the phone locator apps.

What are the components of a vehicle tracking system?

The vehicle tracking system has these basic three components:

  1. GPS tracking device or the transmitters which are installed inside the vehicle to be tracked in a place not easily detectable, so that in case the vehicle gets stolen the thief is not able to know or find it to disable it. A continuous stream of signals is transmitted from the transmitters to the signal station.
  2. The GPS server in charge of the data or the signal reception has a means to store it and retrieve it when asked for it.
  3. The third is the GPS interface, i.e. the control system that has the role of triggering the alarm when the vehicle gets stolen.

I hope that the information presented above was enough for you to understand that, even if your car gets stolen, there is a way to find it and get it back.

Of course, the first rule of safety is diligence, so make sure that you have done your part to protect your vehicle. However, accidents happen, bad people are lurking around every corner (ok, that’s an exaggeration, but you get my point), and if you find yourself standing in front of an empty parking space, and you are certain you parked your vehicle there just minutes ago, holding your car keys with nothing to unlock with them, then your car has been jacked. Instead of panicking, and losing your breath, it’s best to stay calm and contact the local authorities. You will have your car back in front of your home in a matter of days and the culprit will be punished according to the law.

So, fear not and stay safe.