Is Micromobility the Future of Transportation?

The ride-sharing business model has gained in popularity over the past few years. This trend has gotten into micromobility as well and now more and more companies are trying to figure out how to create a scooter sharing app.

Scooter-sharing is just another alternative to commuting inside large cities. Rather than using traditional transportation such as buses, trams, metros, taxis or your own car, using an e-scooter to whiz trough traffic might be worth taking into consideration. 

You don’t even have to worry about spending lots of money on buying one for yourself. We all know that the prices of these things could get at the same level as a rather beat-up but still roadworthy second-hand car. 

With the help of scooter-sharing apps, such as Lyft, Spin or Lime you can basically rent one whenever you need it. However, is this new method of transportation the future? Our guess is yes, and here’s why : 

1. Traffic congestion 

The micromobility industry promises to solve many issues that large cities of today have to deal with. One of those being traffic congestion. With e-scooters, you no longer have to worry about getting stuck in traffic and turning up late for work.

You simply hop on one of the little buggers and fly past traffic like there’s no tomorrow. Besides, you can have a lot of fun while being at it too. E-scooters are already scattered around large cities, just waiting to be ridden. 

So, your only job is to open the app, find the closest scooter around you and off you go. 

2. Pollution 

This is a major problem that cities all over the world struggle to deal with. There are electric cars, sure, but not everyone can afford them. E-scooters/e-bike solves this issue, anybody can pay a few cents and get at their destination with these things. 

Plus, as their name suggests, they are electric, so no pollution involved. Where there are lots of traffic, there’s heavy pollution as well. As we’ve mentioned before, this innovative method of transportation deals with traffic congestion as well, leading to the reduction of pollution.

3. Convenience 

If there’s one word to describe micromobility, it sure is convenient. It’s cheap, fast, and environmentally friendly. What more could you ask for? 

Sure, it’s not as comfortable as sitting at the wheel of an S Class, but hey, you will have lots of fun, and you’ll most likely not get angry in traffic. Quite the contrary, you’ll have a great laugh when you get to overtake people in their brand new cars when the light turns green.


With that being said, it looks like micromobility has a bright future ahead. It solves many of the problems that major cities deal with today. However, it might take longer than we think.

Some cities just don’t have the proper infrastructure developed to sustain this means of transportation. Riding around places like these with an e-scooter can get quite dangerous.