27 Reasons Winter Is Better Than Summer

1. You can eat soups and stews every single night.

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2. And wearing winter coats makes you feel cozy all day.

3. You can layer the shit out of every outfit.


4. Scarves. Enough said.

5. Having a hangover is so much easier when it’s not a billion degrees outside.


6. Cold mornings are a perfect excuse for not going to the gym.

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7. You can eat a lot more because you need all those extra calories to keep warm.


8. And then you can wear big woolly jumpers to hide all the winter weight you’ve put on.


9. It’s perfectly acceptable to spend every weekend indoors if you want to.


10. Being able to snuggle up under a huge blanket while watching TV is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

11. You can drink ALL of the hot chocolate.


12. And you can drink a lot more coffee to ~keep warm~.


13. Ugg boots are totally acceptable in winter.

14. And so is drinking copious amounts of mulled wine.


15. You can spend hours in a warm bubble bath.

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16. And 15 minute showers are a lot more justifiable.

17. It’s acceptable to spend every night wrapped up, catching up on all the TV shows you missed over summer.

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18. Going on ski holidays is always fun.

19. Though, so is having an excuse to holiday in a warm, tropical destination.

20. You can finally use your fireplace.

21. Flannel pyjamas are so much comfier than summer PJs.

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22. Packing hot water bottles around you in bed feels so luxurious.

23. As does using electronic blankets to warm up your sheets before you get in.


24. Eating in bed is the only way to eat.


25. In winter, you don’t wake up every morning drenched in sweat.

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26. If you want to watch the sunrise, you don’t have to wake up at 5am to do so.

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27. And you don’t feel so bad if you sleep in because it’s hella cold outside of your doona.