4 Best Destinations for Family Holiday in Vietnam

After years of traveling solo, you will probably end up marry your loved one and perhaps have children. Life then will be busier, more responsibilities, more daily tasks, less time for hobbies and of course, less time to travel.

A vacation will be precious and you don’t want to screw it up. But a family trip to Vietnam can be very tricky because you and your children won’t likely have the same interest. So let’s find out 4 best destinations in Vietnam that your youngster will enjoy as well as you will.


Hanoi is Vietnam’s capital and the 2nd largest city of Vietnam (behind Ho Chi Minh city) with the population on 8 million in 2017. Hanoi means “River inside the city,” that’s the Red River, but the city mostly lied on the right bank of it.

Hanoi has been the capital of Vietnam from the Ly dynasty in 1010, from then, Hanoi became the most important political center of Vietnam.

In 1873, Hanoi was conquered by the French and became the administrative center of the colony of French Indochina. You can see many French structures still remain like luxury villas, opera house, churches, etc.

St. Joseph’s Cathedral on Easter Sunday in Hanoi

Turning off electronic devices and get out, your teenagers will have a lot of chances to observe and learn about the thousand-year city with many historical places and museums.

History and culture aren’t boring if you know how to do it right. There are many museums that your kids can see a real big main battle tank, guns, a fighter jet, wrecked B52 or a hole in the wall from a big cannon shot, etc.

If they can see with their own eyes, read the subtitles and maybe touch things, they will learn a lot about the good old day of Vietnam’s people army without even notice. Visiting Hanoi will be a great chance to strengthen the knowledge for everyone.

You can find a lot of cool historic artifacts in the museum

Besides the great value of knowledge, Hanoi is a foodie paradise that you can spend days to explore. Inside the Old Quarter alone are hundreds of dishes and drinks.

But be careful, if your kids are not used to traveling yet, you should be thoughtful before feeding them with street food, try not messing with their little tummies. To sum up, Hanoi is a great place for a family holiday in Vietnam.

Da Nang

Da Nang is the 5th largest country located in the central of Vietnam and it’s one of the most important port city. Unlike Hanoi, Da Nang is a much younger city. Your family will enjoy the active atmosphere of it.

The city has a long coastal with golden sand, crystal clear water, sunshine almost every day. Lying on the beach alone is enjoyable enough. However, kids will think differently. Besides the beach, Da Nang also has a marvelous place called Ba Na hills.

It’s an entertainment complex on Ba Na mountain with restaurants, parks, etc. Your teenagers will enjoy the cable car ride to the top of the hill, playing games in the park as well as explore the French village and wine basement. Your family can spend a whole day in Ba Na hill.

The Golden Bridge is popular on social media

About 40km to the south of Da Nang, you will reach Hoi An, Cu Lao Cham, and VinPearl Land South Hoi An. You and your family will definitely enjoy the trip to Cu Lao Cham island.

You’ll be transferred by speed boat, there will be a lot of swimming, water sport activities, etc. Cu Lao Cham is a national reserve, the environment here is extremely clean, the most interesting activity here is scuba diving.

With the small fee of 800.000 VND or $35 USD, you will have a professional diver take you meters under the see to observe colorful corals and fishes. Remember to bring cash with you to pay for extra services because there are some water sport activities that your children may like.

Hoi An ancient town may suit better with teenage who are looking for cool photos for their social media. Hoi An is vintage, calm and elegance. There’s a lot of street food you have to try here. The food in Hoi An is different from food in the north.

There’s also a world-class show called “Hoi An memory” which is very interesting, you will have a deeper understanding of Hoi An.

Last but not least, VinPearl South Hoi An is like Disneyland. Your teenagers will enjoy spending time here. There is a big water park with lots of activities, roller coasters, and everything. Da Nang is a destination you should not miss when traveling with family to Vietnam.

Nha Trang

Nha Trang is a coastal city and capital of Khanh Hoa province on the South Central Coast of Vietnam. The city is well known for beaches and scuba diving and became a very popular destination for tourists and a kid-friendly place.

Nha Trang bay is considered among the world’s most beautiful bay in the world which was the site of Miss World 2008 and Miss Earth 2010.

Tourists are welcome to join the sea festival held biennially, but you need to keep an eye on your teenagers because there will be a lot of people, both local and international.

The longest cable car ride across the ocean from Nha Trang city to VinPearl Land on Hon Tre Island

This ocean city is interesting. There’s both modern and ancient tourist destination to make sure every member of your family will be happy to visit.

Just like VinPearl Land South Hoi An, VinPearlNha Trang is a park with many outdoor and indoor activities. The difference is this is the very first VinPearl Land and it has the longest cable car ride across the ocean in Vietnam.

Your kids will love to play games here and you will also enjoy the luxury VinPearl Land Hotel on the island.

Po Nagar Cham temple in Nha Trang is also a very good option for your family to visit. Built between the 8th and 11th centuries, the impressive towers are actively used and worshiped by Cham, Chinese and Vietnamese Buddhists.

After thousands of years, only 4 towers now remain. The Towers stand on a granite knoll 3km north of central Nha Trang on the northern bank of Cai river. This site is still active, so make sure to tell your youngster to remove their shoes before entering and wear long sleeves clothes, respectful clothes.

Ha Long Bay

Of course, Ha Long Bay is a perfect destination for a family trip, isn’t it? There is no need to tell you much about this beautiful bay because there’s a whole a lot of information about it on the internet.

It’s a UNESCO world heritage site recognized in 1994, included on the 2012 World Monument Watch, named as one of New Seven World Natural Wonder in 2012.

Ha Long Bay is the place where the movie Kong: Skull Island took place and also one of the most beautiful bay in the world.

A family holiday in Ha Long Bay is totally awesome, it offers everything you want for a relaxing trip. Ha Long city is an ocean city with a long coastline and beautiful beach.

The weather is cool and sunny throughout the year and the security is always at the maximum level. There are various options for accommodation, from budget hotels to luxurious resort on a nearby island.

Sun World park is a good option for your kids to play in, there are many activities they will love and there is a huge Sun Wheel so your family can go for a ride, watch the city and the bay from a high spot.

Luxury cruise for the family in Ha Long Bay

If your family plans to spend some time in Ha Long Bay, then an overnight cruise is a must.

You can’t miss the bay. Indulge in the crystal clear water and surrounded by thousands of limestone islets will be a one-of-a-kind experience for your family.

Your children will have a chance to learn about the majestic bay with its flora and fauna system. There will be a lot of activities like swimming, kayaking to explore the islets, squid fishing and cooking class on the cruise, you and your kids will be taught how to cook Vietnamese dish by a professional chef.

One or maybe two nights on the boat will be a great memory for your family.

Time flies, people change, you will get old and your kids will grow up. This happens to everyone and it happens faster than you thought. Family is everything, so try to spend more time with them.


Hoang Nguyen