5 Irish Travel And Culture Websites You Should Know About

From culture tips to bucket-list-worthy activities, savvy travel suggestions to insider knowledge, these are the top Irish travel and culture websites you should know about!

Often associated with ancient mysticism and Celtic culture, its dry sense of humour and unrequited love for Guinness, Ireland is a colourful country, full of character and charm. 

Whether you’re a seasoned explorer, first-timer traveller or simply an admirer of the Emerald Isle, Irish travel and culture websites are a great go-to source for local insight. 

If you happen to be planning your next trip, are seeking some inspiration, or are merely are in search of some Irish humour, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the five Irish travel and culture websites you should know about. 

Ireland Before You Die – Ireland’s biggest travel and culture website 

When it comes to Irish travel and culture websites, the leader in its field is none other than Ireland Before You Die

With half a million followers across the social media platforms and a wealth of articles, Ireland Before You Die offers the most inspiring content on the Emerald Isle. From the best things to do in Dublin to humorous cultural pieces, news pieces to pop culture, this is the unrivalled source for information on Ireland. 

Updated continuously, reflecting only the latest information on the best, the bad and the bucket list-worthy, Ireland Before You Die is Ireland’s biggest travel and culture website.

Meanwhile in Ireland – from Irish pop culture and bizarre news to comedy, travel, and satire

Meanwhile in Ireland is one of the weird and wonderful Irish travel and culture websites that if you don’t already follow, you should right now!

Making Ireland laugh since 2014 is its claim-to-fame, and it does just that. The website is rich in Irish humour, meaning that you can expect a lot of dry quips, bizarre news stories, tongue-in-cheek opinion pieces, satire and witty articles.

Reaching over a half a million people, this site packs quite the punch. And, there are tonnes of spoof articles to keep you cracking up. Just remember to bring your sense of humour!

The World Bucket List – an Irish travel website which covers not just Ireland, but the whole world

If you’re in search of the ultimate Irish travel website which covers not just Ireland but the whole world, look no further than The World Bucket List

This website offers adventure from all angles, ranging from the best things to do to insider tips. Spearheaded by a team of modern-day nomads from Ireland, the content is fresh and insightful.

When planning your next major excursion, this is a great springboard with tonnes of useful tips and savvy insight to destinations off the beaten track, as well as those more trodden. – the official website of Irish tourism 

No list of Irish travel and culture websites would be complete without This is the official website of Irish tourism and is a great source of information to those visiting the Emerald Isle for the first time.

Not only are there interesting articles on places to see and things to do, but some fantastic photography of the island that is bound to make you weak at the knees. is also affiliated with Tripadvisor, meaning that it offers unbiased reviews for its featured destinations – be it hotels or experiences – given an authentic and impartial aspect to its information. – covers all things entertainment, sport, politics and culture brands itself as “the voice of Irish people at home and abroad”. 

And, it offers some cracking content that is sure to fill you with Irish inspiration. 

The site, which predominantly carries a masculine air, features mainly news bulletins, pop culture commentary, entertainment and culture.

With a to-the-point approach, is a solid site for an overview of what’s happening on the Emerald. And what everyone is talking about in real-time. 

They also have a quiz section for those of you who like to gamify their experience – it’s a nifty feature that sets it apart from the other Irish travel and culture websites you should know about.