5 Travel Business Trends in 2021

With the Covid19 pandemic still hanging worldwide, travel plans for 2021 will have to change. Many countries have travel restrictions that prohibit traveling abroad, while others are on total lockdown. 2020 was a challenging year, and all the pandemic weight can take a mental toll on anyone. You might want to get out, unwind, and put all the effects of the pandemic behind you. If you work from home, why not travel to some adventurous location where you can have fun and still work? 

With an off-road vehicle like a Land Rover, all you need is a travel plan. But before you plan your trip, make sure you get a land rover roof rack. These racks are modular, strong, lightweight, and will be helpful if you have extra cargo. The effects of the pandemic and its aftermath will change how people travel in the future. So, what business travel trends should you expect in 2021?

  1. Late bookings

Everything about traveling has been uncertain since the emergence of Covid19. Many travelers now book their flights much closer to their departure dates with strict entry and even isolation requirements upon arrival in some destinations. 

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This trend is likely to continue through 2021 as people are unwilling to commit their cash until they are sure to travel. With the current restrictions, any last-minute changes may affect travel plans, which travelers choose to avoid by not booking early. 

There is just a lot of stuff happening that may not be in your control. You might have planned to travel to a particular country only to receive information at the last minute that the country is under lockdown and entry is prohibited. If you had booked, you would lose some of your money, is not all, depending on how soon you cancel your booking. As long as the pandemic remains a threat, the late booking will continue to be a trend. 

  1. Travel by train

Rail travel is on the rise, and it’s not even because of the pandemic. Rail-based travel started becoming a thing due to eco-aware travelers seeking an alternative to flying. Many people also just want less hassle when traveling, which rail offers. Rail transport also allows travelers to experience scenic or luxurious journeys. 

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In 2021, there is a demand for customized, independent, and flexible travel. Since only trains can offer such experiences, the trend for train travel will continue throughout the year. 

Train travel offers a great traveling experience, but it’s not applicable if you have to travel outside the country. It’s an excellent alternative, however, if you are traveling across states. You might have to sacrifice some time because it’s not as fast as air travel, but the experience will be unmatched. 

  1. Self-drive

Anxieties about infections persist more than a year after the Covid19 breakout. Health experts advise people to maintain social distancing even when traveling, which has seen a rise in self-drive business travels. 

Wouldn’t you rather drive yourself than risk getting infected in crowded airports or train stations? Many travelers share similar thoughts and choose to use their vehicles over public transport. Coupled with the economic shutdown that saw many airlines grounded for several weeks, the use of personal transportation for business travels shot up during the pandemic period.  

Market research shows that people plan to drive more even after the pandemic. Having access to a personal car is now more critical than it was before the pandemic. 

  1. Increased Domestic Travel

If there is any good from the pandemic, it is the demand for domestic travel. Many businesses with branches or production lines abroad suffered immensely from the pandemic. With travel restrictions, most managers have been restricted to running their businesses from conference calls.

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Domestic business travel will likely thrive throughout the year as businesses turn their attention to local opportunities. Most people are also working from home, a trend that is likely to continue even after the pandemic. Adventure business travels will rise as well, as people seek fun locations to work and break the monotony of working from home. 

  1. No-Fee Trip Changes

Travel rules and regulations are constantly changing as travel companies try to adjust to the pandemic’s effects. These uncertainties make many travelers unwilling to make early bookings. So, how do travel companies give them the confidence to book?   

Most travel companies have changed their policies to allow clients to change their flight or hotel bookings at no extra cost. Various airlines, including American Airlines, Delta, and United, have removed change fees for domestic flights. United has permanently scraped these charges, and other airlines might follow their example. 


The pandemic has changed many aspects of doing business and traveling. People are anxious about the possibility of getting infected, and governments have also placed containment measures to prevent the spread of the disease. These measures have affected how people travel, and they have certainly changed some businesses and even industries permanently. Since you might not travel for business as freely or frequently as you used to before, you might consider taking occasional business trips in adventurous locations with your Land Rover to kill the boredom of working from home.