5 Tropical Paradise Holidays to Consider for 2021

You may well have missed out on this year’s holiday, thanks to the emergence of Covid-19, and now you are eagerly anticipating 2021, when hopefully, things return to normal and we can travel again. Here are a few tropical holiday ideas to whet your appetite.

  1. Phuket Island – The jewel of South East Asia, Phuket is a premier holiday destination in its own right, and Thailand has been one of the best countries in their response to Covid-19, with less than 79 fatalities since the pandemic began. The south of Thailand offers an amazing tropical climate and with the Andaman Sea, you can explore the diverse marine life found in this region. If you are planning to spend a couple of weeks in Phuket, why not charter a yacht for a couple of days and cruise the Andaman Sea, where you can visit tropical coves and uninhabited islands, and if you’re lucky, you might get to swim with a Whale Shark, which are commonly seen in and around Phi Phi Island, which is a short boat ride from Phuket.
  2. Phu Quoc Island – This is Vietnam’s premier beach destination, which is located in the south and if you want 5-star luxury, check out, one of the leading premier resorts on the island. You can enjoy an array of water sports in the day, then sit back and sip your favourite cocktail as you watch the sunset. Tourism is a recent development on the island, yet there are already a few 5-star resorts and a growing number of small establishments like bars, restaurants and stores, and if you would like nothing more than to be in a glorious beach setting, this is the place for you. More than half the island is protected as it is part of the National Park, where you can explore the many hiking trails and drink fresh spring water, plus you can see some of the natural wildlife. Your resort manager would be happy to arrange a visit to the National Park, where you can see the other side of the island, which is not part of the tourist route.
  3. Hua Hin – This quiet coastal town sits on the Bay of Thailand about 3 hours’ drive from Bangkok, heading south, and this has long been a favourite winter holiday destination for Europeans and Scandinavians. There are a few top hotels and resorts, plus smaller bungalows near the beach, which are inexpensive, and if you travel another 50km south to Pranburi, this is an unspoilt region with very few tourists. If you are an avid golfer, there are a few world-class courses near Hua Hin that will challenge your skills, and the lively weekend market in the town is something to look forward to. If you think you might need an international driving licence, here is a useful article that might help with that.
  4. Bali – The Indonesian island of Bali has always been a firm favourite for Australians and Kiwis alike since the 1980s, so this island is very developed for tourism, yet it still retails its unique charm. There’s something for everyone in Bali, with pristine beaches, great water sports and fantastic nightlife and you can rent a luxury bungalow that comes complete with your very own chef. Kuta and Seminyak are the two popular towns where tourists like to stay while on Bali, with the former being the major nightlife spot. Click here for an update on the Coronavirus situation in Bali.
  5. Maldives – The ultimate in hi-end beach holidays, you can live a life of sheer luxury sitting right next to the calm blue ocean. Known as a premier holiday destination, there are no cheap alternatives, rather be prepared for the very best of everything, and aside from water sports, there’s not much to do except sit back and enjoy the amazing views. The Maldives is officially known as the Republic of Maldives and is the smallest island nation in Asia, and with over 100 5-star resorts on a number of small islands, there are many great places to stay. It all began with the building of the Bandos Island Resort in 1972, which transformed the economy and shortly after came the Kurumba Maldives, which was also very well received and that began a rapid expansion with resort building happening in all the right locations, as foreign investment poured in.

As there will be so many people wanting to book their 2021 holiday, you should make up your mind and make a booking while you still can. All of the above offer the very best in beach life and whether you prefer the marine life in Phuket or the elegant resorts in Vietnam, you can easily book the perfect holiday online and then all you need to do is prepare for the holiday of a lifetime.

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