9 Instagram Worthy Places in Dubai

When you are in Dubai and do not visit the gleaming skyscrapers and dunes, you must waste your vacations. This multicultural area, with a lot of diversity to offer, has something for every Traveller. It is a kind of place that will provide you some magnificent experiences that will make your vacation worth remembering. Do you know what else you can do to remember your vacations? You can Instagram them. The Travel/Fashion blogger Hailun Guo will tell you nine best and visit-worthy locations that you can visit in Dubai and click some amazing photos when you are in there.

Burj Al Arab hotel

The first thing that is a must-visit is this 7 Star Hotel that is the synonym for luxury and superiority. It offers booking of one night for up to $1100. This hotel is situated on an island where the local public is not allowed. Even if you are not living in this hotel, you can still take photos by booking a restaurant in this hotel. If you don’t want to waste your money at the hotel, you can still go to Jumeirah Beach and get a sentence along with some photos where you will have The Burj Al Arab in the background.

Shangri La hotel

This is another one of the famous hotels in Dubai. The modern period and the elegant interior are the highlights of this amazing hotel. The chandeliers are also highlighting here. This hotel is situated in Downtown, and you can take some photos at the rooftop of this hotel.

The Dubai Mall

We all have heard about the Dubai mall and how big it is. It has all the global trends and brands available. You can shop here from everything ranging from middle Eastern ethnicity to Western outfits. It is another great spot for photography.

The Lost Chambers aquarium

This is more like a tourist thing to visit the aquarium here in Dubai. It is a unique aquarium that will stimulate your imagination and take it to another level. It is the largest aquarium that is available in Africa and the Middle East. Also, it has some incredible Marine animals making it a total of 65000 species. When you take the photo in the underground tunnels with the background of marine life, it will fascinate people.

The Burj Khalifa

Everybody knows this skyscraper. It is an 828 meters tall building, which is considered as the tallest building. It is a perfect location for taking photos and getting some incredible landscape shots. You can get the tickets to experience this glorious and luxurious building and get some amazing photos here.

The Arabian tea house

This is an old fashioned restaurant that is an authentic example of Dubai. It is more like a quiet place in the middle of a busy city. The interiors are attractive with turquoise benches and lace curtains. You will find some beautiful fresh flowers as well. This place is also considered as a beautiful place for taking pictures.

Al Fahidi historical neighborhood

You should not miss out on the tea house that is authentic and placed beautifully. It is a historical neighborhood and famous because of the traditional buildings that date back to the 18th century. These buildings are made from gypsum, sandal, stone, and what made them look beautiful and natural. Why not take some photos here in the historic neighborhood.

Dubai Desert Safari

You should not miss out while you are in Dubai is the desert safari, and the ride of a camel. You can surf using sandboards in the dunes and relax in the camp side while watching the sunset view. You can prepare some BBQ dinner and enjoy your evening in the campfire while you are in Dubai. It is the moment to capture.

Gold Souk

Dubai suits are famous because of hundreds of retailers offering different kinds of jewelry, including diamonds, silver, and other materials to shop when you are in Dubai. You must visit this colorful and fascinating Dubai souk. Here you will also find some frequent and some incredible spices. This aromatic memory is worth capturing.

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