Beating The Heat With A Trip To The Big Apple

We all know just how hot Florida can get.  Even in the winter months, Jacksonville and other areas of the state can be humid.  This really puts a damper on holiday festivities and for those looking for a white Christmas, you’re probably out of luck.  So why not do something to beat the heat this year and head on up to the Big Apple? New York is the perfect place to get away from the humid Florida air and there are tons of things to do here.  Below we will take a look at some cool things to do in New York while beating the heat.

Beating the Heat with a Trip to the Big Apple

Take A Water Tour Of The City

What better way to see the city than from the deck of a cruise boat.  These guided tours will take you to some of the most iconic New York City locations including the Statue of Liberty.  The best part of these tours is that you will learn a lot about the rich history of the city. But make sure that you book your tour early because during the holiday months, they often get sold out fast.  

Play In The Snow At Central Park

An amazing place to play in the snow is in New York’s Central Park.  This beautiful park is located just inside the heart of the city and offers ample room for enjoying the snow. There are a lot of wonderful hiking trails in Central Park that can be fun to walk down.  But always stay safe and take someone along with you while visiting. There is lots of good food to be found around the park so make sure to give the vendors a try. This will allow you to eat like a local and the food is rather cheap compared to some of the restaurants in the area.

Beating The Heat With A Trip To The Big Apple

Go To A Basketball Game

If you are visiting New York in December, then you are in luck.  In December, the basketball season is just heating up. Both local teams, the Knicks and the Nets, are hosting home games, so why not consider attending one?  Even if you are not a fan of basketball, going to see a game just might make you one.  Seeing a live game in person is really fun and the energy at the stadium will really take you over!  So why not go join the fun?

As you can see, New York is a fun city that is a great place to hide out from the heat.  There are tons of things that you can do during your stay including having some fun in Central Park!  If you want to take in a basketball game, there is ample opportunity, and if you have never been to a game in person, you are in for a real treat.  But most of all, make sure you have a great time while in the Big Apple and take some time to relax. There is a lot to do here, so make sure that you pace yourself.

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