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Can You Travel Around Europe On A Budget?

Traveling around Europe is almost always included on every person’s bucket list! Even those who live in Europe want to travel Europe and it’s not hard to see why. With a vast array of countries providing all kinds of different cultures and experiences, you could go from skiing to sunbathing in the same weekend!

But how do you travel the whole of Europe on a budget? Can it be done? We definitely think so! All you need to do is check your passport, make sure you have your EHIC card from, and read on for our tips on traveling Europe on a budget!

Accommodation Tips

If you want to opt for the cheapest accommodation while traveling, Couchsurfing is your best bet. Couchsurfing, as its name suggests, offers you the opportunity to connect with people in your destination who may be able to offer you a spare room or a couch to sleep on.

Sleeping on other people’s couch or guest room is free but may not always be available especially during the busiest months of the city you’ll be visiting. If you have a bit of extra cash, renting an apartment can give you the privacy that you want as well as more freedom. You can come and go as you please and make your food and drinks if you have a kitchen.

When you pay for an apartment, you can save money on food by not having to eat out all the time. Hostels are also great options if you want something cheaper. However, these types vary a lot in quality so if you don’t mind roughing it out in this kind of places, feel free to stay in one.

Getting Around

One of the easiest and best ways to get around Europe while you’re on a budget is to buy a rail pass. You can buy passes for a single country or invest in a pass that will let you travel anywhere in the entirety of Europe by train. It can save you a lot of money when traveling from country to country. Combine this with cycling or walking in each destination and you’ll save you a good amount of cash in the process.

Besides, walking and cycling gives you a better view of the city or town you’re in and can help you keep your health in check while you’re traveling.

Buying Food

The cheapest way to eat while you’re traveling is to cook your own food if you have access to a kitchen at your current accommodation. If you’re staying at a hostel, renting an apartment or staying at a campsite, chances are there will be a place where you can cook as well.

Of course, cooking every night during a vacation can be hard work so we’ve got some tips for eating out too! If you want to eat out, try and eat like a local. Avoid busy tourist areas as they’ll most likely have inflated prices so take a bit of a walk out of the city center towards its outskirts or look for hidden restaurants that charge lower prices and are local faves.

Another thing you can try is the local street food. Not only will this help you save a few extra euros but it’s also the perfect way to taste authentic food and immerse yourself in the culture of each location you’ll be visiting.

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