European Cities With Exciting Nightlife

One of the most exciting continents where you can find a lot of culture and great parties at the same time is Europe. There are a lot of expensive and exclusive destinations in Europe, but there are also many options for a cheap but great way to spend time.

For example, there are millions of those who go backpacking through this continent every year, especially when it’s summer. If you add so many visitors coming here to feel the excitement, and a lot of different Europeans traveling constantly, you get a multicultural atmosphere that it is quite exciting.

There are a lot of young people traveling through Europe and, for most of them, it’s all about having great time and partying as much as possible. Let’s face it; who cares about statues, museums or galleries when they are young? I visited Europe a couple of times and I’ve had an amazing time while I was there. Also, I met some amazing people.

This is why, today, I will talk about some European cities you might have missed, but you definitely need to visit them.


If you are into techno music and you like to go raving, the German capital, Berlin, might be the right place for you. Although the techno scene here is pretty amazing, it’s not the only type of music you can enjoy. This is a hot destination with many clubs, different subcultures, and a lot of young people.

All clubs have an amazing offer of music, drinks, and amazing parties. This city has a great party spirit. It’s a large international hotspot for party people. If you really want to hit it off, go to Berghain, which is one of the most exclusive clubs you can find in Berlin. This is a crazy party place that has a large pool where you can take a swim and relax when you get tired.

Berlin is very famous for its many open-air festivals and one of the largest ones is Open Air Berlin. The whole city has a 24/7 party atmosphere and it is really one of the best cities in Europe if you are looking for excitement and new experiences.



A really small number of people who are non-europeans have heard of the capital of Poland. Those who have, they don’t think that there is anything interesting about this place and that’s what I thought as well, until I visited this magical city. Just give Warsaw a chance and you won’t regret it, I guarantee it.

The nightlife in Warsaw offers something for all kinds of people, no matter if you want to sit somewhere and order a good bottle of wine, or you want to go and hit some beers quickly while you are in between clubs, or if you only want to go out and dance like crazy. It’s got it all: class, excitement, and diversity. The perfect way to stay in Warsaw is to stick around for a while to truly be able to feel what it’s all about.

The slavic way of partying is really something unique and refreshing. You would be surprised to see how friendly people are here. And, if you go out and have a great time with someone, you can expect to stay friends for life.



After I visited Poland and it’s capital, Warsaw, I talked to people who had experiences traveling further east into other slavic countries. I wanted to see if there is more of what I experienced in Warsaw, and everyone told me that I should go to Belgrade – the capital of Serbia. All of the stories I’ve been told were true, and I learned even more about Belgrade when I went there.

The people here were simply an extremely positive surprise to me. I’ve heard a lot of things about Serbia which were not ideal, but when I came there, the place changed my mind in just one night. In Belgrade, there are a lot of clubs, both in the city and on the river. You can find cheap drinks everywhere, as well as great parties.

The people are just beautiful and they party non-stop. The hospitality is simply amazing here, and Belgrade gave me one of the best times of my life. The standard is low here, but this seems to push people to party even harder. If you want to go on an adventure, Belgrade is the place for you. Some are even saying that Belgrade is currently the best nightlife city in Europe, and it truly is great.

These are the top 3 cities exciting cities I visited in Europe. All of them really have a unique spirit and no matter if you have a large budget, or you are backpacking, they are worth visiting and you can find a lot of options to have fun and make great memories.

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