Explore the Windy City: Hidden Beauties of the Multicultural Chicago

The city that works, Chicago is home to dozens of cultural institutions, historic sites, and museums. Incorporated as a city in 1837, it has 237 square miles of land, and is surrounded with clear waters of the famous Lake Michigan.

Almost 40 million people visit the Windy City each year to enjoy the cultural diversity, harmony and numerous unique experiences Chicago has to offer, starting with art and history, to the best food and the world’s largest free zoos.

The home of many impactful people, like Walt Disney and Obama, also has a lot of affordable world-famous attractions for tourist and visitors coming here for the first time.

A Day in a Local’s Shoes

A great choice for adventurous spirits, Chicago vacation rentals provide a firsthand Chicago experience. By living as a local, you can appreciate a fun day in the Lincoln Park Zoo.

Animal lovers and adventurers will be amazed by the beautiful skyline views and the heartwarming experience of welcoming of the new baby animals into the world. Although the summer is stunning, the zoo has a winter magic to it as well. In the winter period, the zoo illuminates with many colorful displays, activities, and rides.

All year round, the locals and tourist can encounter numerous fun and free events in the Millennium Park. Apart from taking the legendary “The Bean” selfie in front of Cloud Gate, one can visit the outdoor concerts, alfresco training or spread out a blanket and watch a live performance or a movie screening.

However, nothing compares to the spectacle the Navy Pear, a non-profit landmark, arranges for its guests. Located on Lake Michigan, it has more than 50 parks, shops, gardens, restaurants, exhibitions and fun activities for the whole family. It is a top tourist destination with a free display of fireworks for a summer holiday celebration.

Unique Neighbourhoods

Regarding the culture, Chicago is the only city that offers a world of cultural unity. Over 200 neighborhoods and 77 communities represent more than 100 countries. Diversity is widely accepted and celebrated in:

  • The Oriental Institute – Originally intended for the research of humankind’s progress from the ancient East, today the Oriental Institute contains and shares various collections gathered on its expeditions.
  • National Museum of Mexican Art – The Museum promises a personal connection with the rich and passionate Mexican history. High-quality education is guaranteed with the largest Mexican art collection dating back to ancient Mexico.
  • Dank Haus German American Cultural Center – Located in the Lincoln Square, the heart of what was once Chicago’s German neighborhood, the center features a museum, a language school, an art gallery, and a library.
  • The Greek Town – In the Near West Side of Chicago, one of the many unique communities is the Greek Town. Visitors can get a taste of Athens, participate in Greek customs and explore The National Hellenic Museum.
  • Andersonville – The largest gay and lesbian community in the city is located on the North Side, with the Swedish American Museum at its center. For a vibrant night out in the town or luxurious shopping, the neighborhood offers plenty of unforgettable experiences.

Architectural Monuments & Sights

From a classic to modern memorials, Chicago is a dream for architectural and historical devotees. As previously mentioned, the city is a combination of 77 communities with unique culture, flair, and remarkable sights. The most impactful architectural area is the Jackson Park Highlands in the South Shore neighborhood. Visitors can admire the variety of architectural styles, bungalows, and striking mansions.

On the other hand, the Hyde Park Art Center has dominated the art scene for many centuries. The Robie House in the Hyde Park is considered the most iconic masterpiece of American design. In addition, it holds the largest institution dedicated to African-American heritage – The DuSable Museum of African-American History.

Nevertheless, tourists can take a walk through the Old Town and Lincoln Park to witness the Victorian mansions and brick cottages.

Entertainment & Cuisine

When it comes to the appetite, Chicago is the leading center of the world’s cuisine. At every corner, visitors can enjoy the best of the best meals and drinks. Thanks to the variety of united cultures, one can have the best pizza and Italian sandwiches with beef, eat delicious Mexican tacos or get a taste of the Greek cuisine in the Greek Town.

But a quest for the most appealing meals doesn’t end there. For those obsessed with Chinese food, the Chinatown raises the stakes with original exotic recipes, freshly made dishes and traditional festivals available for everyone to join.

Apart from drooling over food, vacationers can experience the live nightly entertainment in Chicago.    The nightlife is energetic and full of dance clubs, cocktail lounges, wine bars and sports taverns. Passionate sports fans feel at home in the city of fiery game lovers. Lakeview and Boystown provide a loud and fun evening whether or not there is a game on.

The young and enthusiastic crowd can gather at Lincoln Park or the Wicker Park for a trendy dancing experience. Likewise, live music concerts venues throughout the city. Regardless of your musical taste, the range of festivals offers something special for every individual.

You don’t have to go far to see the world. Chicago offers a unique experience that is both cost-effective and safe. Different cultures stand united to present the gifts passed on from generations.

People are fun-loving, passionate and peaceful, with a rich history, as well as many sights and architectural accomplishments that have been exceptionally preserved. The windy city is a highly recommended tourist location and a lovely place to settle down and grow roots.