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Latest Equipment in Market Which Makes Traveling for a Smoker Much Easier

Traditionally, traveling for cannabis smokers has not been an easy task. Previously, due to the lack of products which help store and carry cannabis while retaining its taste and quality, traveling to an unknown area meant that smokers had to go through the inconvenience of looking for outlets where they could procure their cannabis. Not only is storage a problem when it comes to portability, but the size of the products also needs to be suitable for the luggage. A glass bong is harder to carry while traveling due to its size and fragility than a pen vaporizer. This article is therefore dedicated to the latest equipment available in the market that can make traveling for smokers much easier.


Traveling with your stash has never been easier. Brands such as Cannador have come up with humidors with glass cups and nooks/drawers to store your herbs. The interior of this product, like most Humidors, is designed with hardwood. Hardwood such as mahogany is used to make sure that there are no oils released from the wood that can alter the taste of the cannabis hence affecting its quality. Marijuana is best kept in an airtight environment which is dark. Darkness protects the cannabis from UV light so that its tetrahydrocannabinol does not degrade.
Moreover, humidors regulate the environment the herb is being stored in. They have the technology to absorb and wick the moisture to maintain a balance that can help you save your stash in a mould.
Smokesmith Gear is a leading website that specializes in the latest technology for smokers being offered in the market. With a range of brands, Smokesmith Gear can help you find the gear that is best suited for your budget. If you find the Cannador humidor expensive, there are other options on the website such as humidity control packets, silicone jars and glass and wooden containers.

Pen Vaporizers

Pen vaporizers are also known as portable vaporizers and hence make the perfect choice for traveling. These slim, pen-shaped vaporizers would require minimal space in your luggage and sell at a price as low as $50 (Smokesmith Gear).

Smell Proof Stash Cases

Do you prefer to keep your stash discrete while traveling? A smell proof stash case is the best gear you can own to make sure that the scent of your herb does not reach the people around you. The Safety Case 2.0 by Black Roll Originals available at Smokesmith Gear is designed to store your stash as well as your pen vaporizer. This pocket-sized product perfectly suits the smoker who love to travel light.

Gear to Roll

Smokers who opt for the traditional method of consuming cannabis: smoking, should equip themselves with the appropriate gear before they embark on their journey. At Smokesmith Gear you can find several options of rolling papers, with regards to price and quality, to choose from. Brands such as OCB also let you buy your paper according to your personal beliefs and preferences by giving an option suitable for vegetarians and GMO conscious individuals.
A Utility Tool can also come in handy while you are traveling as it provides you with the tools which help you quickly and conveniently scrap, dab, scoop, cut and roll your joint. The Utility Tool is compact in size and is easy to carry while traveling.