Out of the Way Holiday Ideas in Thailand for 2021

We are all more than happy to see the end of 2020 and it looks like we have almost beaten the Coronavirus, which means travel will be on the menu and there’s no better destination than the Royal Kingdom of Thailand. Most of us have experienced Thailand from a beach resort perspective, yet there are other options out there and with that in mind, here are a few unique holidays that you can book in the Land of Smiles.

  • Farming Homestays – You could live with a southern Thai fishing family, or find out how the rice farmer in central Thailand lives and with a Google search, you can find the website of a Thai tour operator that offers traditional homestay holiday experiences. This is much more than a holiday, as you get to experience strange food and a way of life that is rooted to nature, while interacting with the local people and helping them with their work. If you are adventurous and would like to experience a completely different culture, then this is the holiday for you. The Thai rice farmers are to be found in Korat and the Isaan provinces of Buriram and Sisaket, where they grow the finest Jasmine rice along with sugar cane. Not many people know about this type of holiday and a Google search for ‘homestay holidays in Thailand’ should yield results.
  • National Parks – There are 147 national parks in Thailand and if you would like to relax in complete luxury, you can book a 5-Star Hotel in Khao Lak, one of the most popular national parks set in the southern province of Phang Gna. Lush forests, limestone cliffs and stunning beaches all await the tourist who stays in one of the many national parks, with a diverse range of flora and fauna and unique wildlife. Once you arrive at the resort, you are surrounded by natural beauty and your luxury accommodation has free Wi-Fi to keep you in touch with the outside world, while you relax in a gorgeous natural setting. Khao Yai is one of the premier national parks in Thailand and is only a couple of hours from Bangkok, making it a popular choice for Bangkokians, especially at weekends.
  • The Hilltribe People – You can live with the Karen and Hmong people and marvel at the long-necked women, while immersing yourself in a colourful culture that cannot be found anywhere else. If you trek from Chiang Mai, north, you will rise to a height of 2,500m and enjoy the hills and valleys that are farmed by the hilltribes. Trekking has long been popular in Chiang Rai, where you can hire a local guide to take you into the remote forest regions and there are several national parks where you can stay in 5-star luxury. If you travel from November to March, this is the cool season and on mountains, the temperature can drop to almost freezing, while the months of April and May are very hot and the monsoons begin at this time.
  • Houseboat Holiday – Imagine a lake with glass-like stillness, nestled in a tropical paradise and in the centre of the lake sits a traditional Thai teak houseboat, with all the mod cons for comfortable living. The province of Kanchanaburi hosts a few large lakes and a river where you can rent floating homes of all styles and sizes, with party rafts a specialty. Once you have sampled this type of holiday, you will be back again one day, as there is nothing else quite like a floating holiday. There are obviously many benefits to international travel, which broadens the mind.
  • Buddhist Retreat – Thailand is 98% Buddhist and is the home for many spiritual retreats and wellness centres and if you would like to explore the inner self, there are some stunning retreats that exude calmness and serenity and with expert instructors, you can explore the meaning of life. A Google search will bring up a long list of resorts and retreats that offer a unique experience and you can book online and prepare for a truly unique experience. You might not want to explore Buddhism, as such, rather explore your spiritual self without any labels, which is a very popular way to spend your downtime. Check out the list online and find out more about the activities and local attractions.

Thailand has lot more to offer the tourist than white beaches and clear blue seas and the above are just a few ways that you can experience the royal kingdom of Thailand. You are strongly advised to check the current Covid-19 status in Thailand before making any bookings, as there might be travel restrictions from your home country.

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