The Benefits of International Travel

International travel is very expensive. IT takes a lot of hard work and saving in order to venture out into the world to explore other countries. However, people like Alexander Djerassi recommend leaving the country at least once in their lifetime. This is because there is so much magnificent and fascinating culture out there. Although America is great and all, it doesn’t capture the varieties of beauty the world has to offer. 

Whether it’s Japan or Bulgaria, there is something new to learn in every city. Africa is full of countries that use dance as a form of communication. It is truly breathtaking to see other cultures talk in ways Americans will never understand. It’s important to get out of the comfort zone the country has built around us. Unfortunately, going to Epcot does not count as visiting and experiencing other cultures. The world has been settled by billions of different people. The thousands of years that other countries have in the United States show. Some architecture has been standing for hundreds of years. Without a doubt, the education one can get from traveling internationally does not compare. Alexander Djerassi knows how amazing international travel is. Work hard so that life is lived to the fullest.