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Top 4 Reasons to Go For Luxury Vacations & Villa Rentals in Hawaii

In the US, plenty of people dream about going on luxury vacations & villa rentals in Hawaii. Of course, that’s not exactly an American fantasy. Still, the fact remains that out of the more than 8 million tourists who visit the Hawaiian Islands each year, about 60% of them are from the mainland US.
It’s pretty obvious why a luxury vacation in a private villa is so appealing. You get the privacy and the amenities, and you can make sure you can relax the way you want to. It should also be pretty clear why you’d want to go to Hawaii. If you’re still not sure, you should consider some of the more common reasons why people flock to these islands each year:

The beaches

The first image that comes to mind when you hear “Hawaiian vacation” is the beach, probably with palm trees in the background. What’s really fantastic about Hawaiian beaches is that there are more than 400 of them and you have 750 miles of shoreline to choose from. They’re also all public beaches so you have every opportunity to visit the beaches that catch your fancy.
If you want the proverbial white sand beach, Hawaii has them. In fact, the beach sand can be yellow, black, red, and even green (for at least one beach). These beaches are all full of life and filled with lots of folks if you’re into people-watching, though some are rather less populated so you have more privacy. Even the mere thought of just lying back in a lounge chair with a drink in hand, enjoying the breeze and the sights, is truly soothing.

The ocean

While building sandcastles, playing volleyball, and just plain lounging can be fun and relaxing, the ocean water offers many recreational opportunities that can really spice up your stay. Hawaii is famed for its surfing but then there’s also scuba diving and snorkeling. You can ride jet skis and even go windsurfing. You can also hire a boat and go fishing.
The waters of Hawaii are gorgeously clear and you have plenty of colorful marine life to see. There are reef fish, monk seals, and green sea turtles to captivate you. If you want, you may even get to see sharks.

The weather

Hawaiian weather is a paradise with nearly constant temperatures all year long. It’s dry during the summer season and it rains quite a bit during the winter months. However, in some places, it’s as if the sun shines every day of the year. It’s not at all uncomfortably warm especially when you’re on the beach and the trade winds give you soothingly cool breezes.

The people

Tourists who have experienced the rather diffident manners of some people in other countries (like France) will find it refreshing to encounter the legendary friendliness of the Hawaiian people. The Aloha spirit is ingrained within their culture and technically there’s even an Aloha law that requires people to be friendly to visitors. It’s not that the law is actually needed, though it does help keep their government officials from being too grumpy.
Part of the reason for this almost state-wide affability is because almost the entire state is involved or connected to the tourism industry in some way. Just about every family in the islands has a family member who works directly with the tourism industry. So everyone has a stake in keeping the state so accommodating for visitors.

Final thoughts

Those are just 4 of the main reasons why people visit. There are others, such as the volcanoes, the history, and the culture. Hawaii is a state where every cultural group is a minority. It’s a true melting pot where almost a fourth of the population can claim ancestry to at least two cultures and it’s a melting pot where locals and visitors can celebrate the good life in Hawaii.

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