Top Strategies To Make RV Living More Affordable

There are many people who dream of living in an RV while on the road for a few months, a full year, or even permanently.

However, many of these people unfortunately do not see their dream become a reality for one very simple reason: they can’t afford it…or at least they don’t think they can.

If you are in the same boat, you should know that there is an arsenal of strategies at your disposal to make RV living as affordable as possible, and we’re going to discuss the most important of these here.

Here are the top strategies you can use to make RV living more affordable:

Lower The Cost Of The RV Itself

The biggest immediate expense you have with RV living is the cost of the RV itself (assuming you don’t own one already). Examples of what you can do to lower the cost of your RV include buying a used RV, or buying a travel trailer or camper (which are significantly less than motorhomes).

Set A Budget

This is the clichéd answer in regard to how to reduce costs for pretty much anything, but it bears repeating because setting a budget is the number one most important thing you can do to reduce costs and keep your finances organized.

Examples of things that you must factor into your monthly RV living budget include the monthly payment on your RV (if applicable), food, gasoline, campground fees, internet connection costs, propane, laundry, clothing, phone use, health insurance, RV insurance, personal hygiene/household items, and expected costs on routine RV maintenance.

Earn Money While On The Road

A strong majority of people who live on the road in their RV’s full time are able to do because they make money while traveling. You can easily do the same, especially if you have internet connection.

Examples of ways you can make money while on the road include freelancing, publishing Kindle books, selling items on eBay, and blogging and affiliate marketing.

Find Random Ways To Save Money

Finally, if you get really creative you’ll be surprised at all the different ways you can reduce costs while living in an RV. For example, you can stay in campgrounds with less amenities as the cost will then typically be less, you can travel at posted speeds to reduce fuel consumption (something you should be doing anyway to be safe and stay within the law), keep impulse purchases to a minimum, shop at local farmers markets, keeping eating out at restaurants to a minimum, or stay at State Parks (which tend to be lesser priced than privately owned ones).

Making RV Living More Affordable For You

Long term RV living can be perfectly affordable for anyone, including beginners who are new to RV’s. You just have to look for ways to reduce costs to within a manageable amount. Most people who live on the road do so while keeping themselves within a limited budget while fully enjoying their mobile lifestyle.