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Travel Hacks For A Happy Holiday

From booking your flight and accommodation to arranging transfers to and from the airport or securing your Stansted airport parking place, there’s a lot more to planning a holiday than just taking to the sky. It can be an excitable yet stressful experience for you and the people you’re traveling with. Find out our essential holiday planning tips to score the best bargain, how to get the most value for your money, and the best ways to travel with children below!

Planning your holiday

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Did you know? If you choose to fly on either a Tuesday or Wednesday flight prices tend to drop between 15-25% compared to other days of the week. We know that early morning flights aren’t fun, but they can get you the best price deal! In fact, flying during unsociable hours could save you up to £75.

Similarly, booking in advance has its benefits. How early you book may vary depending on where you’re planning to travel to. If you’re flying to New York, booking 18 weeks prior to your trip will save you almost 10% on the average flight, whereas if you book a break to Barcelona 8 weeks prior to departure, you’ll save an impressive 14%—the perfect way to keep your purse happy!

Airport bound!

Before you leave, make sure you weigh your luggage before checking in so you don’t have to ditch half of your wardrobe at the airport. Likewise, make sure you leave early so you can arrive at the airport with plenty of time to spare so that you have time to check in and unwind from your early morning journey before you jet off to your next destination.

If you arrive early enough, you may score yourself a free upgrade too since some airlines offer vacant premium seats hours before the plane is scheduled to depart. If you don’t get offered an upgrade, ask if there are any available. There might not be but if you don’t ask, you won’t know so it’s worth a shot at the least!

Most importantly, don’t forget your earplugs!

While away, make sure you take note of the following things:

Wifi isn’t always free to use abroad, which is why it’s vital to use all those free café and restaurant accounts whenever you can. If a particular wifi connection requires a password, ask a member of their staff for it or visit FourSquare where you can find a number of passwords left by people like you.

If you find yourself struggling to translate the menu or need help getting around on public transport or by foot, you can downloads apps such as CityMapper and Google Translate. If you decide to hire a car abroad, Navfree is a great app to use and can be accessed through a mobile app. It provides maps for your journeys prior to heading out. Best of all, it doesn’t require any internet connection to use since all info are stored offline.

If you’re traveling as a family with children in tow, download fun apps or films to watch on your iPhone or iPad to keep them busy for an hour or two while you’re attending to other things.

Now you’re ready to go and enjoy your planned vacation!